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  1. Where are you located? What year is the machine? Does this include bobbin winder? Thanks Carol ODell
  2. I done a quilt on my 12 ft Millie that was 111x128 with 8 0z poly batt and never had a problem. I now have IQ and you can set the size in IQ. Is it a Panto ? I rolled the length into the throat as I quilted. Hope this helps Carol
  3. Congratulations let the fun begin. Carol
  4. I agree whole heartedly. They always help in any way they can. !!!!
  5. you can go to harbor freight and buy a foot pedal and plug in your appliance and it works like a regular foot pedal no wiring needed. I put one on my bobbin winder when I could not get it to stop running inside now I press the foot pedal to wind bobbins they are about 10 bucks
  6. I had to replace the rubber wheel inside mine. It was hard do. Now it don't shut off inside the box. but it stops when the bobbin is full.