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  1. I use Magna Glide bobbins exclusively. The Towa gauge used to jump around on my bobbins, also. It no longer does that, but I had to replace my hook. After the replacement, all is well. Not saying you need a hook replacement! That is just what caused my issue with the gauge. My machine is a 2011 and was purchased used. I suspect the previous owner did not oil.
  2. Another thought is to do some research on what the longarmers in your area charge. Certain localities tend to have higher rates.
  3. ffqlr, there are several custom quilters that I know of. They also do E2E. I was pondering specializing in modern and vintage quilts. There is also the Internet, but I have to decide if I want to deal with shipping. Kueser, this would be vice money (love that description!). I will have some money coming in and I don't want to be super, super busy. I want time to hang out with my friends. However, I would love to make enough to be able to pay off the machine and then use whatever funds come in for quilt retreats, etc. and anything extra that may pop up. Initially, I was going to buy a brand new longarm, but the comments about business being down have me pondering that...
  4. Finally, finally, I am in a position to get a longarm in January. HOWEVER, at a recent quilt retreat, I was told by one of our longarmers that our area is saturated and that her business is down a good bit. She is an established quilter, in the business for 10 years. I cannot justify the expense of a brand new longarm plus Intelliquilter if I am not going to make any money with it. I am five to seven years from retirement and the initial thought was that I would spend these years learning my craft and starting out the business. So, those of you who do this as a business, have you had a decline in customers due to more folks buying their own quilting systems?
  5. DB, Is there going to be an APQS roadshow near you anytime soon? If you attend one, they give you a deal on the machine and at the one I attended, they threw in Fabric Advance and maybe Quilt Glide (can't remember everything -- it was a year ago). You can also purchase demo machines or slightly used.
  6. I would love to see a basting stitch and a tie off stitch added, too.
  7. I had the pleasure of quilting on one of the new Millie's today at Sheridan Kay's quilting studio. Very nice machine! They made an improvement to the channel locks and they hold tighter than they used to.
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