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  1. I want to quilt a border pantograph that has a design turning the corner. How do I plan this out to be sure the corner design and border design met properly? Pointing me to instructions or a video would be great. Also since my quilt is too long to turn on my table, what should be the order of quilting? Should I: 1. Quilt the top border 2. Stabilize quilt - sides, side border seams, center, while rolling to bottom 3. Quilt bottom border 4 roll back to top, quilt side borders (right/left) while rolling to bottom 5. Quilt center of quilt The quilt is a Boston Common pattern with inner and outer borders where I want to use border pantographs. Havent quite figured out out how to use the pantograph on the sides without turning the quilt but may just draw that section on another paper.
  2. I have a 2018 Millie. I can’t get the horizontal channel lock to engage. The vertical lock works fine. The lights on the front panel come on when I press to engage the channel lock but no locking takes place. What do I need to do? Leah Davis
  3. My bobbin winder is very difficult to activate. I have to push so hard on the switch that I sometimes move the winder and frequently lose hold of the thread tail. Any suggestions?
  4. I buy online from South Star supply. Dafa Rotary cutter blade, 45mm. 10 blades for $19.95. I have been buying from them for years.
  5. Why are you getting rid of it? I am buying a Millie and was thinking of getting this - even though it is expensive. Can you give me your Pro's and Con's concerning the light bar?
  6. So which discount is better? A discount on a certified used machine from APQS or the Roadshow discounts? I am currently signed up for a February roadshow but there is a used 2016 Millenium available now.