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  1. Just the cost of gas out there. Do you have someone to set it back up for you? My husband is disabled and can't do that.
  2. Hi Debbie, Yes, this machine is still available. Would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks! Resilient Quilter
  3. Hi! Could someone please help me with directions on how to amend, and/or delete a post? Thanks! Resilient Quilter
  4. Hi, I have 2 Freedom Quilting Machines posted. Which one are you interested in? Sincerely, Resilient Quilter
  5. Price reduced to $23,000.00. I need to sell this machine due to health reasons. Will consider negotiating price, willing to consider offers and delivery.
  6. For Sale: 2018 APQS Freedom, with Bliss and Quilt Path Computerized Quilting system. 12 foot table, Bliss tracking system, Power Fabric Advance, lazer for pantos, bobbin winder. Just one year old, very, very near new condition. Its an awesome machine and works great. Comes with alot of Digital Quilt Path designs and other purchased designs. Located near Duluth, MN. Entire package is now $23,000 . For more information, message me at friendshipstar1957@yahoo.com Am willing to negotiate and consider offers. Also willing to consider delivery. I have the boxes for the hea
  7. Hi PKS, Yes, my machine is still available. I will contact you at the email address shown. Thank you! Andi
  8. Hi! This machine is still for sale. Wanting to sell. Dropping price to $7,000.00 - - - Its a great machine, but do not need 2 machines in my studio. Thanks for looking!
  9. Hi Everyone, Still trying to sell my machine. Thought I'd check in and say its still for sale. Thanks!
  10. Hi To Newbie, I'm sorry for the delay in answering, I was away at Quilt Camp. I still have the machine, and she is still for sale. I believe I replied to your email addy, I will double check. Thanks! Andi
  11. Hi! I really enjoy this forum, but I will admit, I forget to check it regularly. I wish there was more discussion on Quilt Path. As a newbie with it, I'd like a reference library of questions with answers for it. I guess I want to know everything - like know it yesterday, and some things just take time. Thanks! Resilient Quilter
  12. Hi! No, my machine is still for sale. I'd be glad to answer any questions you might have. Thanks! Resilient Quilter
  13. Hi Barb, I sent a Friend request right after I wrote this note this morning. Am so very much looking forward to really using my Quilt Path and brand new Freedom. Currently, I'm using my 2007 Freedom - which I love, to do the work I need to do. Want to get up to speed with Quilt Path. Thanks much! Andi ( Resilient Quilter)
  14. I would love a step by step, hold in your hands to read, manual on Quilt Path. Is this available yet? Thanks! Resilient Quilter
  15. Hi Barb, I am a new Quilt Path owner, and would love to be on the Quilt Path group on Facebook. Is it still active, as I see this post is a few years old. Thanks! Resilient Quilter
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