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  1. When I had a Lenni, I used big strong binder clips to block the left-right movement of the machine. Worked very well. Just use a light hand with no sidewise pressure as you move Ms. Lucey. Blessings!
  2. Joyce. Call APQS anyway. Tell them the situation, that you don't know the name of the part, and can you text them a picture of it. I have had the need to send videos, audios, pictures, and they stayed right on the phone with me. They will help you! Blessings!
  3. Hi Denise. What are you trying to figure out? yardage? number of strips? Customer cost?
  4. Carolyn, welcome to the forum!! My life has taken a shift and I have suspended quilting for others until next year --- but .. I had a chance to speak to the woman who quilts the Soft and Stable sandwiches for Annie (of by Annie). Now, I have not tried this yet - too many other things ahead of it. But, she uses the 52" wide S&S and trims it to about 48" wide. Then loads the "backing" along the cut width of fabric with the selvedges (left on) on the sides. Centers the S&S over the backing and the top fabric and the top fabric centered on top. anchors the edges and quilts with a low density design. She said she uses the clamps on the S&S. I have trouble actually picturing all that, so after I quilt the charity top that stares at me every time I go into the studio, I will see how working with S&S works out and let you know on this thread. Have you tried quilting with S&S yet?
  5. Hi Sharon. We play L, R, C version as well. I don't know about other options. I did find a sort of card game involving 2.5" strip when I googled quilters strip poker - but the point was to make blocks from the patterns printed on the cards. But I couldn't find where to buy the cards. We play other sorts of games too. Just google games for quilting retreats. I'll bet you will find all sorts of fun games for quilters.
  6. Thank you so much. Some day, I will return to the blog - most likely with a different focus from quilting. Blessings!
  7. Hi Kylie - thanks for your sweet comment. The art / craft / hobby / calling of making quilts is at least 3,000 years old. Yes, we meet together to hone skills, get inspired to try something new, gather people to bus to a quilt show, etc. BUT quilting really isn't about all of that when you look between the layers. It's about loving family (and making sure every member has several quilts) and loving each other. It's about the fabric and pieces and journeys of life. Quilters love to sew - but, I believe, for most of us, we love doing it with each other, as family. My favorite day of the month is when my friend Sally comes to spend the day with me in the studio - sewing and laughing and sharing and supporting each other through life. My routine is changing. The Lord has drawn me aside from designing quilts, developing patterns, and from most quilting jobs, to focus on making quilts for teens who have been uprooted from their homes due to their parents' arrests or other reasons, and are waiting to be placed in foster care. Check out Isaiah 1:17 House. My goal is 12 quilts this year for them. Sally is working with me, also, so I expect we will produce many more than that. This is all happening along with being enrolled in Bible College - at the age of 76! Yikes. I can hardly wait to find out how the Lord will weave this all together! Blessings and a beautiful day!
  8. Thanks Selena. I have missed Dorothy. It took me over a year to part with her stash. I would occasionally sew with a bag of her fabric nearby. Many of my quilting friends bought her fabric and supplies and all of the money I collected from the sale was sent to her favorite charity: Healthy Women, Healthy Liberia. She served as their treasurer for several years.It is a real blessings when I see her fabric in quilts made by my guild sisters. I haven't posted in the blog since then - life has seasons. Nick, just to clarify Quilters' Strip Poker is NOT a card game!! It is a hilarious and often riotous game involving 2.5" strips of fabric often played by quilters at a quilting retreat. Whoever wins the game winds up with ALL of the 2.5" strips and my guild expects the winner to make a quilt from them to show the guild at the next meeting. Blessings ALL!
  9. Hi everyone. Got a question for you. I recently saw a video by Annie of ByAnnie.com, talking about how they send out 2-yard cuts of fabric to their longarmer to be quilted with soft and stable. I am about to start on a series of ByAnnie projects and would like to quilt the tops and linings on the longarm in one big sandwich and cut my project pieces from that. Please share what you recommend for how to best load 1 or 2 yard fabric pieces with soft and stable, what to watch out for, needle size, stitch length, add leaders(?), etc. Thanks so much!
  10. The purpose of the brake is to keep the roller from moving, so be sure to release the brake before you advance or "rewind" your quilt. You should have received an angled "Allen" wrench with your APQS machine. You may find that over time, the brake handle doesn't hold the rollers as firmly as it once did. The angled wrench is used to set the handle in a position that will enable it to hold firmly. If you purchased a used machine, you may or may not have the instructions for this, but you can find info with a quick forum or google search. And you are correct, there are NO stupid questions. We ALL had to learn about the brake! Be blessed as you fall in love with longarm quilting!
  11. Hi Kathy, I think your concerns about "pin creases" can be eliminated by using smaller pins. If I know I will be unzipping and re-zipping my quilt, I will use the 1" bent safety pins - and pin the backing to the zipper tape. For normal quilting projects, I use straight flower-head pins. Whether the backing fabric raw edge lines up with the edge of the zipper tape or the teeth is a matter of preference and ease of pinning, just get the pins close enough together to reduce / distribute the stress on the fabric. Blessings!
  12. He DeeDee - those of us who do pantographs have been in your shoes. There are some good videos online. Just google something like: How to quilt using a pantograph on my ____________ machine. Just insert the brand of your machine. You will hopefully find a few demos that will be helpful. Blessings!
  13. I understand what you are feeling. We put our talent and Hearts into our work, and we want that love and care to be appreciated. Unfortunately, not everyone is taught to be grateful and appreciative for gifts of any kind. Chalk it up to her forgetfulness or lack of character. But please, continue to share your love and quilting with others. I encourage you to be sure to put a label on all of your quilts, including baby gifts, that identify YOU as well as your blessing for the gift receiver. Eighty years from now, your work may eventually be appreciated by someone who picks up your quilt at an estate sale or flea-market. Maybe include a picture of you quilting the quilt at the longarm, or of your piecing the quilt and a personal note of congratulations along with your quilt. At least you will know they DO know that it is handmade by you personally. Blessings!
  14. Are you using the recommended brand and needle size for the thread type? Superior recommends size 18 (a.k.a 4.0) for SoFine #50. Are you using the correct type of needle for your longarm brand. See Superior's chart at: Longarm Needle Reference Guide Select the "Longarm Needle Guide" document. What type of fabric / batting are you working with? If the quilt is thick or heavily pieced, you may want to consider a larger needle, slowing down the machine head, and/or going to a smaller stitch to reduce drag on the needle and thread. Don't hesitate to contact Superior customer service or your longarm brand's customer service, as well.
  15. Try https://www.urbanelementz.com/design-boards/design-boards-blocks/boards-blocks-by-designer/r-s-designs.html I googled r&s design boards.
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