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  1. I just watched Dawn apply a binding by longarm. https://www.apqs.com/apqs-video-tutorial-how-to-attach-binding-using-a-longarm-quilting-machine/ My question is, how do you handle quilts that are not square/wavy edges/ etc? Thanks
  2. Sorry, not getting rid of anything that big. Good luck finding what you want.
  3. How big of pieces are you looking for? My daughter just made a double wedding ring from my grandmother's feedsack collection. Might be able to help you out.
  4. Just wondering how you are handling intake of quilts during this outbreak of COVID 19? Thanks
  5. I have attached a picture of a laundered quilt - quality cotton top, Bigelow wool batting, quality flannel backing. Looks to me like the batting pulled through the backing. I can't exactly say since I have not actually held the quilt since this happened. Any clue why or what happened? It was gifted to a SIN of a customer. He washed it in a large front loading machine with no dryer. Any advise, suggestion, hints ..... greatly appreciated.
  6. Hey Sherilyn, I have some R&S boards to sell. What is your email and I will get you a list? Thanks
  7. I also have several. Would you like pictures and a list. Retiring!
  8. I am in search of a few kits and patterns from the RXR 2018. Please let me know if you can hit up any of these shops and grab kit or pattern? I will send paypal friends and family for payment. Thanks! Pattern only: FABRICS UNLIMITED 2089 ACOMA BLVD W #1 LAKE HAVASU CITY AZ 86403 928-733-6331 THE BERNINA CONNECTION 4219 E INDIAN SCHOOL RD STE 103 PHOENIX AZ 85018 602-553-8350 PIECES OF LOVE QUILT SHOP 2216 5TH AVE OROVILLE CA 95965 530-990-0699 EDDIE'S QUILTING BEE 480 S. MATHILDA AVE SUNNYVALE CA 94086 408-830-9505 PINWHEELS 36
  9. I have a Circle Lord system with many boards and many pantos. I can be reached at aktbone@yahoo.com
  10. No worries. My understanding is that the camera lens viewing area is the same so the actual viewing space is the same. The increase in the screen size just magnifies the viewing area of the camera lens. I hope I am explaining this correctly for someone else who may be interested. Thanks Sheri!
  11. New monitor / 7". From my understanding the 10" monitor only enlarges the camera shot and not viewing area.
  12. FOR SALE Quiltcam - Like new condition $250.00 plus shipping to US only. I installed it; turned it on; never used it. I now have IQ and do not need it. Thanks for looking.
  13. I know this subject has been around and around. 1) Please let me know which system you have. 2) Two things you love about it. 3) Two things you dislike about it. 4) Two things you would change if you could. Any other words of wisdom to pass on. I am going to make the big purchase by July and just need some more input. Thanks
  14. Hey Neline, I am going to give you a call in a few days regarding the Quilt Path or you can call me. Thanks Tonilyn
  15. I have several short chest of drawers under my machine. I have the pantos sorted according to designer and then alphabetized. I also have one draw for odd balls. My pantos are all rolled in plastic covers, keeping them in great condition and no lint/dust.
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