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  1. I don't know much about these machines, but sounds like it needs oil. If you've oiled the hook, then it's probably the needle bar, take up mech, or main bushings. Maybe even the belt. Good luck. Jim
  2. Just straighten the eye holding the bearing so it's at a right angle to the shaft, put a drop of oil on it, and you should be ready to go. Jim
  3. It's certainly out of time based on the photo. If the machine is in the down stroke, the needle should be entering the "thumb notch". If it's on the up stroke, it should be coming out of a gap in the bobbin basket guard. From the photo, it's really out of time, which makes me wonder whether the needle is fully inserted in the needle bar. Unless your hook is loose, I'm hard pressed to figure out how the timing became so off with just a thread break.
  4. My experience is that when this happens to me (flopping thread) that my tension is too light. That's not to say your take-up spring might not need to be replaced, but tighten your top tension first and see if that doesn't solve the problem. Jim
  5. I would forget the Moxie. It's just not in the class with the APQS machines.
  6. If cost is a real consideration, look at some of the used machines listed here. While the bliss option might be nice, the price for it is really high. An older machine without it would serve you well, and could reduce the cost significantly. These machines are industrial strength, so they never wear out, and APQS service is such that anything that might go wrong can be repaired. I've got a 23 year old Ult 2 that serves me well. Great machine. Jim
  7. Check out the photos here under my studio forum listing. They should give you a lot of ideas, and probably some info on how the owner went about the construction. Good luck. Jim
  8. Bee: This post is 15 years old, so I doubt you'll get an answer form the poster. Try personal message to her. She might still be involved. Jim
  9. I don't use magnetic bobbins, so I don't have any first hand knowledge, but I'd guess the needle "jumping" might be the magnet releasing and then re-setting. Maybe OK. If you have another bobbin case, try and check with it to see if it also happens. Before you do anything, try another bobbin. When I buy bobbins I always wind some thread on them, pull them through the TOWA, and if I don't get a steady reading, I discard the bobbin as defective. You might have some bad pre-wound bobbins. Good luck. Jim
  10. Is your needle raised? If the needle is down, it will catch on the bobbin and keep it from coming out. Jim
  11. Is the fabric MODA? I've had what looked like pulled thread, but it was the fabric thread "rolling" over exposing the poorly dyed back side. Don't like MODA for that reason. Jim
  12. As I think more about it, I have a question. Is the quilt top or back a batik fabric? Due to the usual tight weave, and some of the coloring agents used on this type fabric, stitching can sometimes be a problem. If you are using batik fabric, got to a larger needle, and use sewer's aid, or some other silicon lube for your needle and thread. Good luck. That just might solve your problems. Jim
  13. Sounds like you might need to re-time your machine (for the skipped stitches). The colored dots on the backing sounds like a very dull needle. Good luck. Jim
  14. Have you read/seen needle height adjustment instructions? Following them, even without the photos, you should be able to get a pretty good adjustment. It sounds like you might have other timing issues as well. Poor needle bar adjustment will generally cause skipped stitches or broken thread. Hitting a needle may have thrown hook timing off as well. Jim