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  1. I'm not sure since I don't know what your encoders look like, but I think there is probably a screw that the spring mounts on that you can turn to increase or decrease tire pressure. Good luck. Jim
  2. Check the encoders to make sure they are turning when you move the machine. Good luck. Jim
  3. Cat: You need to get the machine up and running before you begin to accumulate stuff to go with it. The type of quilting you do will dictate some of the accessories you'll want. After you use it a while, check back with details on your specific needs. Enjoy. Jim BTW. like Laura, I also have a ult 2. She's right, you can't break these machines.
  4. Unless you experience skipped stitches when sewing with the 3.0 needle, I don't think you would need to re-time your machine. The difference in needle diameter is quite small and shouldn't have much of an impact on stitch creation. Jim
  5. I just looked, and see that there is a significant difference in the geometry of the tables. I think the deluxe table would be an improvement, but before you venture in to that extreme action, make sure everything on your standard table is as it should be. One question. When you modified your Lenni table to accept Lucey, were the wheel/linear bearing rails left at the original spacing, or did the front rail (not the roller, but the wheel rail) get moved out toward the front of the machine? Have your husband check every joint on the table and make sure all fasteners are properly set, and tight. Pay particular attention to the leg assemblies. Does everything fit together properly? Jim
  6. What's the difference between the standard and deluxe tables? Knowing that might, help me have some in site to performance aspects of both. Jim
  7. Sherry: You might check with U-SHIP about shipping. Ten years ago I had my Ult 2 shipped from FL to TX. They handled the shipping and it was really easy. Did a great job. It's an online service where independent shippers will bid on shipping jobs. At the time I used it, they offered several different levels of service.
  8. Tom: Check to make sure your encoders are working properly. A "tire" may be bad, but more likely the wheel isn't making proper contact with the frame. You might need to increase the spring tension to proved more reliable contact. Good luck. Jim
  9. Bobbi: Check the wheels again. My guess is that they need tightening. With the Lenni, you shouldn't need to change motor speed if you're running it in stitch regulated mode. If you're running it in manual mode, I'd ask why? Ever since I had the Intellistich regulator installed on my Ult 2 nine years ago I've used manual mode, maybe twice. So much easier to use regulated. Jim
  10. You must use stabilizer on the back of all the knit fabric. I've done way more of these than I'd have liked (think hate) and they are almost impossible to do without it. You say "Ultimate !!. Is that Ult 2 ? I have one, but I use my Gammill most of the time for T shirt quilts because it has an hopping foot, and the the Ult 2 doesn't. The presser foot of the Ult 2 doesn't work very well on knits. Jim
  11. I don't want to argue with the folks at the factory but, I have a 1997 Ult 2 that I converted to M hook nine years ago without any apparent problems. Now maybe quilting only 500 quilts on it since the modification isn't heavy enough usage to reveal a future problem I will have, but I'm not worried. I can't believe that my gear box is heavier than your Millie's, so unless the gear boxes are in fact different, I'd take the chance. Jim
  12. Do you have the panto laid out on the table straight? Is your lazer clamped tight? I'd check the layout by putting a pin in the top most position for the panto on each end of the quilt. Then I'd check to see if the lazer matches both points when you move the machine. If it does your line up is OK. If not, adjust the pattern so the points match your quilt marks. It's possible that your rollers are slipping and the quilt is moving as you quilt. Check that out as well. Good luck. Jim
  13. I replaced my needle clamp screw with an Allan head screw long ago. IMHO a great decision, and I highly recommend it. Much easier to properly fit an Allan wrench in the socket, than a screw driver in the slot. You're also much less likely to over torque the screw with the tiny Allan wrench. I have to disagree with Cagey about "finger tight" needle clamp screw. On more than one occasion I've had the needle come out while sewing, and I'll assure you I had the screw more than finger tight. A good snug twist fro the Allan wrench will usually do the trick. Jim