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  1. Gardner: Can you post some photos of your leaders. They sound intriguing. I'm not sure I understand what you've done. Thanks. Jim
  2. Let me tell you first, I don't own a Millie. That being said, I think I can help you with your problems. First of all, handle tightening. There appear to be two clamping screws for each handle on the front of your machine. Position the slipping handle where you want it, and simply tighten the two screws for that handle. As far as the needle up/ needle down goes, I've seen others with that issue correct it by adjusting the number "8" screw. (somewhere on the back of the machine). Hopes this helps. Jim
  3. jimerickson

    magna bobbins

    You shouldn't have to adjust the bobbin tension. The magnetic bobbin simply replaces the anti-backlash spring in both function and tension. Jim
  4. jimerickson

    magna bobbins

    Which "tension spring"? Are you referring to the anti-backlash spring in the bobbin case, the bobbin tension spring, or one of the top thread tension springs? The anti-backlash spring should be removed from the bobbin case. The other tensions shouldn't require adjustment. Jim
  5. jimerickson

    Gros Beckert needles

    The 134MR and the Singer 1955MR ID's indicate these are needles for our application, and fit all APQS and Gammill machines. The labeling seems to have simply left off the Special Application Needle designation. Anyone with one of these machines should be able to use these needles. Jim
  6. jimerickson

    Crazy Machine

    My Gammill, with Intellistitch did a similar thing a while back. Turns out it burned up the mother board. You'd better call the factory and talk to them about it. It could be a serious problem. Jim
  7. jimerickson


    Well, cotton does beard so that might be the cause. What fabric are you using for the back? If the back is a dark color, and the "wrong" side of the back is much lighter in color, it could be that some of the backing threads are rolling over as you sew, making it look like bearding. Moda fabric is notorious for this. Jim
  8. jimerickson

    Roller Brakes

    Diane: If the brake is holding only one is needed. The only reason you'd need one at each end is if your roller itself twisted. Being stiff steel, that's not going to happen, so if you have a problem, it's the brake slipping. Jim
  9. jimerickson


    What type batting are you using?
  10. jimerickson

    Gros Beckert needles

    The only ID missing on the needles referenced is the SAN 11. I assume they are, and if that's the case, these are our standard long arm needles. I think years ago, some needles (SAN 7, I believe) got miss marked and were delivered to some folks in error. I think these needles were actually used in some of Nolting's early models. This needle is longer than the 134MR, and the scarf isn't as deep. Jim
  11. jimerickson

    Gros Beckert needles

    I am not aware of any difference in needle application between a Freedom, and an Ult 1, or for that matter any APQS model. If they don't work in your machine, they won't work in mine. We need a more complete identification of the needle in order to know whether the needles will work. Thanks. Jim
  12. Gail: You might have a piece of the broken needle stuck in the hook assembly. Remove the bobbin and look closely at the hook race for a lodged piece. Try moving the hand wheel back and forth to see if you can free the machine up. I think this happened to me once and that's how I fixed it. If you have something jammed in the hook, and can't get it freed up doing this, you may have to remove the hook so it's easier to work on. If you're not comfortable removing the hook, you'll probably have to wait for your service man to fix it. Good luck. Jim
  13. jimerickson


    Horse: What are you using for backing fabric? Loose weaves will show batting and look like bearding. In my experience, MODA fabrics in dark colors don't perform well. The "wrong" side tend to be very light in color in relation to the "right" side. When you quilt, the woven fabric thread will roll over, and look like bearding. It isn't. I'd guess that any other fabric with light "wrong" side, will perform the same way. You might need to be more selective about your backing fabric. Jim
  14. Mona: I think you probably need to adjust the timing on your machine. Precise timing helps improve directional tension issues. Jim
  15. jimerickson


    I'm not certain, but I think the viscosity is either 1 or 2. Hope this helps. Jim