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  1. Really, probably not. You could try that, but the quilt would be really heavy. I use either wool (expensive), or a heavy poly (inexpensive). I use only Hobbs, and their 12 oz. poly has a lot of loft. Good luck. Jim
  2. jimerickson

    Lubricating Frequency

    Mona: You're probably over lubing the hook. I think once a quilting session is enough. Oiling the wicks seems right. Jim
  3. When I have a quilt with a lot of fullness, I use a high loft batting, and quilt as heavily as necessary to control the fullness. Jim
  4. jimerickson

    motor smells

    Sew: Did the motor get hot? If so, you might have the drive belt set too tight. When you press your finger on the belt, it should move about 1/4 inch. If it's tighter than that, loosen it a bit, and try sewing again. Good luck. Jim
  5. jimerickson

    Apqs ultimate 11

    Sandy: If you're missing stitches, it's probably timing. It might be presser foot tension. If the foot doesn't put some pressure on the quilt sandwich, you could miss stitches as well. I think APQS used to have manuals you could buy. I have a manual that is full of notations to myself, that might confuse other users. If you can't find one somewhere else, let me know and I'll try and copy mine. There are 24 pages. Some of the drawings did not perfectly match my machine, and that can be confusing as well. I will have to say, the timing photos included in my manual are great. Jim
  6. jimerickson

    Ultimate 2

    I bought mine from Quilt tech, and they were specifically for an Ult 2. I don't think Kasa Engineering has made any for Ult 2 for several years. But like I said the Gammill wheels will work. I just checked, and Quilt Tech has Gammill sets listed at $175.00. They are special order because Ray doesn't stock them, but I'll bet he can have them for you in a few days. You can call him and ask about the Ult 2 set, but I don't think he can get you a set of them. BTW, he's happy to talk with anyone interested in his products. Jim
  7. jimerickson

    Ultimate 2

    Your machine is just like mine was. The wheels you have on it are the originals. If you looked at my post from Sept 2014, you'd have noted that the ones on my machine now are white polymer ones. Check EdgeRider Wheels listing for Gammill Clasic machines. They'll work on your machine with the addition of some different bolts that you can buy at your local hardware store. Jim
  8. jimerickson

    Ultimate 2

    Not those! They're for a Ult 1, completely different from the Ult 2. Jim
  9. jimerickson

    Ultimate 2

    If you look at my Sept. 29, 2014 post titled "Ult 2 Table Modifications" and look at the photo of my horizontal channel lock, you can see one of my white Edgerider wheels. That will show you what they look like. Jim
  10. jimerickson

    Ultimate 2

    The stock wheels are a narrow, dark brown/grey/black fiber wheel with a groove that rides on the table track. The Edgeriders are a wider (about 3/4") white polymer wheel. Jim
  11. Leah: Give APQS's factory a call. I'm sure someone there can tell you what you need to do. Jim
  12. jimerickson

    Ultimate 2

    Actually I think you can get an Intellistitch regulator fitted to your machine. My understanding is that Nolting will do the installation, but I think you have to send the machine to them for the up grade. Call their factory and ask. I have an Ult 2 that I had up graded to Intellistitch, and I love it. I had my installation done by Helen B. back in 2011 when she was still doing it. The first thing I'd do is replace the stock wheels (if it still has them) with some after market ones. I have Edgeriders on mine. I don't think Kasa Engineering is still making a set specifically for the Ult 2 anymore, but a set made for a Gammill Classic will work with the simple replacement of some of the bolts supplied in the Gammill kit. As far as needles go, Gros Beckert MR SAN 11 are the proper ones. Good luck, enjoy your "new" machine. Jim
  13. MEB: Don't turn on your machine until you've removed the needle from the hook, and it turns easily by hand. If you do , you'll just blow the fuses again. Pull the needle with the pliers and rock the hand wheel back and forth until it comes out, and the machine turns free. Jim
  14. jimerickson

    Bobbin problem

    If you're machine uses M bobbins, buy some of the bronze colored steel ones, like most Gammill owners use. I've found them to be well made, and reliable. I currently use the extruded aluminum ones and have had no problems with them. Jim