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  1. There will be a "box" on the front of the head. It will say "Intellistitch", or if a later model with Ken-Quilt regulator S-stitch or something similar. I don't remember what they called their version. There will encoders on the rails with wires running to the machine. Hope this helps. Jim
  2. Don't know about leaders, but standard needle is MR 4.0 (size 18). Thread is up to you. I use YLI Longarm Professional, and Bottom Line all the time, but that's just my preference. Good luck. Jim
  3. Message Barb Mayfield. She seems to be deeply involved with that group. She'll probably invite to join. Jim
  4. Sherri: It sounds like you may have thread wrapped around something and that's stalling the machine. Start by removing the needle plate. Search around the hook and bobbin basket. If you find any thread, remove it. If you don't find thread there, remove the left side cover on the machine and look inside, it's very possible that thread has been pulled into the machine, and is wound around the take-up assembly. While you have the cover off, add a couple drops of oil to the needle bar bushing. If you aren't successful in these two places, keep looking 'til you're sure thread tangle isn't y
  5. Judy wants to change the price. She can chime in here with the new info.
  6. Becky: I'd probably make two wooden brackets, one for each end, wide enough so holes matching the bolt pattern of the roller rack support could be drilled, and long enough to provide a 17" drop from the table bottom, then drill a hole to match your batting support rod in the lower end of the bracket. After the brackets are made, I'd put longer bolts in the roller rack support assembly, and bolt the brackets to it. All could be done in wood, and at a work bench. No need to try and drill you table frame. Good luck. Jim
  7. Stevi: Since Judy hasn't answered yet, I will. The Lenni's have a 20" throat, not 22. Jim
  8. I would be inclined to not charge for the job, or at least offer to do the next quilt for no charge, since it was my fault the quilt was harmed. Do you think it's good business to offer discounts for bad work? Just my thoughts. Jim
  9. Are you sure the table is 14 ft? I wasn't aware that they made any other than 12 ft models. Just don't want someone to be surprised when they buy it. Jim
  10. Contact APQS. They should be able to advise you. If they don't have such manuals, they should be able to tell you if they exist. Jim
  11. Problems arise if there is supposed to be a pattern on the back side. If it's just random quilting , it's OK, but if there's any custom pattern, or any critical positioning of the quilting on the back, it's very difficult to do. I discourage pieced backs from my customers, and refuse to accept responsibility for any misalignment that might occur. Jim
  12. I hope it goes as well for you as it did for me. Jim
  13. I've done it to my Ult2. I had to weld extentions to one end of the roller shafts in order to provide enough room to clamp them on. I bought 4" hand wheels from Grizzly to complete the retro fit. The roller shafts were 5/8", so I added 1/2" rod butted up to the end so that regardless of the accuracy of my welds, the shafts would slide through the support bearings. Easy enough for me to do because I weld, although if you really want them, taking the 3 rollers to a welding shop probably wouldn't be all that difficult. Good luck. Jim
  14. There's a really good deal just posted by JudyN on used machines for sale. It's in CA, but such a good value would be worth some shipping expense/inconvenience. Jim
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