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  1. Is the 1/4 foot necessary to do ruler work
  2. I am looking for information about the apqs certification online class it is 14 weeks. Is it a good thing to be certified I have only been quilting for a year.
  3. This is my sun bonnet sue quilt I’m working on with straight edge ruler. I really liked using the ruler takes some getting used to and figuring out where to travel. I will get it by time I’m on the last block lol
  4. Sorry didn’t see the earlier post thank you
  5. Is there a couching foot for apqs machines
  6. Thank you I have an apqs lennie longarm
  7. Where do you buy your longarm supplies, feet, the plate for ruler work , rulers etc. ?
  8. Angela called me to i also blew a fuse and my husband said you may as well Order more (10) !!!! Really!!! so Angela called to make sure we didn't have a serious problem. No problem here but she is a really nice person and thanked her for calling
  9. Okay thank you another question I don't have the channel to put the tube in so do I fold over leaders and make the channel how big of a channel
  10. I have a lennie longarm machine was wondering if anyone uses red snappers to load their quilts
  11. Which way is best to quilt left to right or right to left I was doing it both ways and someone told me only go one way
  12. patty123


    why does lenni make a beeping sound while quilting i just bought him all together right but cant find anything about why he beeps
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