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  1. Me too! I usually check this forum first thing in the morning. Today I slept in. A great deal for sure.
  2. Hi Louise~ I am interested in the golden thread paper rolls. Sounds like $12.50 for both includes shipping, correct? If so, if you could call or text me at 920/915-5208 to work out details, I would appreciate it. Debbie
  3. What I meant was can I contact you directly? I have no idea where recharge came from. I live just north of Tampa.
  4. Where are you located? What size bobbins? Can I recharged you directly? Thank you
  5. I tried emailing.... Didn't go through. Is the machine available? If so, what is the table size and could it be shipped? Thank you.
  6. Attached is a photo of the stitch count. I do not have the boxes the machine came with. Where are you located? I may be able to meet you part way for pick up. In addition to spare metal bobbins, she comes with 50 Magna Glide bobbins...also pictured.
  7. I have a hardly used Babylock Tiara for sale. Included: Stitch regulator Hopping foot conversion kit Bobbin winder, extra size M bobbins Horizontal thread holder Table overlay Table extension Needles Tools, owners manual Martelli 11" and 8" quilting rings I am upgrading to a long arm....prefer moving the head rather than the quilt. Price $3700.00 Make an offer... Located in Spring Hill, FL, 40 miles north of Tampa. 920.915.5208 cell (There is a black silicone mat on the table which makes for a slippery surface when quilting. It can easily be removed.)
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