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  1. Thank you Cagey, my husband put a washer in the end of the roller so it is now working better. It wasn't the brake it was the other end where the problem was. I think i need a new set screw, but for now the washer is working. Thanks again, Diane
  2. I have a 2009 Liberty that i seem to be having trouble with the backing bar locking up with each roll. I have no idea why it just started doing it today. So frustrating so any help would be appreciated. Diane
  3. Wow the last few days have been crazy, Thank you Gator for your offer, I've been told there is a manual with the machine so we should be fine,but if w do have any problems I'll for sure post for help. My husband is in the process of enlarging the closet opening so she can be partially in there. We had to do that with my last machine. Thank you everyone for your suggestions and offers.
  4. Well I took the leap, the machine will be delivered on Monday. I'm really excited, but a little scared to. We won't be able to set it up until later, we will have to move my other machine out, and do some rearranging to make it fit the room. I think my husband is as excited as me, he was in the room figuring all the ways we could do it. Anyway thank you all for helping me make this decision. Diane
  5. I just want to thank all those that responded to my first post, I appreciate all of the input. The Liberty that I'm interested in has a 12 foot table, and like I said is stitch regulated, from what I can see in the picture the wheel setup is different from my current machine which looks like it would be easier to clean. I'm hoping the width will be compatible with the space I have for it. The room is kind of narrow, so one end will have to be in the closet, not terribly far just enough so I can get around the other end. Thank you once again,
  6. I have a chance to purchase a Liberty machine, I would like some input on this machine if possible. I've searched the internet but don't find much on it. From the pictures I've seen it looks to be very clean. I guess some of the questions I have are what is a two stage auto needle positioner, what is the packing grease used for? I currently have another machine that I'm not real happy with at this point. The Liberty is regulated, and that is what I'm after right now. I'm new to this forum so please forgive me if I've done something wrong. Thank you for any information you can provi