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  1. Sharon, I am an APQS retailer, located in Petal, MS. I currently have several machines that I brought in for a local quilt show this past weekend. I would love to talk to you a little about some machines that might fit your need. Feel free to give me a call at 601-297-1841 tomorrow or anytime this week or email me at Thanks so much and I look forward to talking with you! Betty Reid The Quilted Petal APQS Retailer 601-297-1841
  2. Customer has brought me a couple of very old quilt tops that were hand appliqued and hand embroidered. They have tiny dots printed on them (I assume that is a guide for quilting) however they are not coming out with any type of cleaning. Any suggestions?? They are a dark blue/blackish color and fabric is thin white. I haven't quilted yet. Would normally use a very light thread and low loft batting. Wondering if a higher loft would hide these dots if I can't get them out. Thanks for any suggestions!
  3. I agree with Meg. Both are great machines, but I cannot imagine quilting without my Fabric advance. I absolutely LOVE it!
  4. I love Superbob prewounds! Leave both cardboard sides on and adjust tension by feel of dropped bobbin.
  5. Hi Vickie, I would like the following if still available: Hermoine Agee: Bright & Breezy, Bountiful feathers & Paisley Playtime 3 x $9 Irene Steel: Feathered curls $9 Pattern Man: DH927, DH1341, NR1385, RG1265 4 x $7 For a total of $64 plus shipping. Please PM me as to what payment you prefer. Thanks! Betty Reid
  6. Lizbeth, I'm sorry I typed my reply offering to send you written file that would help you prematurely without reading your original post closely enough. Let me check with another dealer to be sure what I have is the document you need! I don't want to send you something incorrect and add to your frustration. I hate you've had difficulty and hope the encoder will correct the issue so you will be quilting soon! Thanks, Betty
  7. Ditto ditto ditto!!! Everything Heidi and Barb said was true for me as well. I've actually already used information I learned twice since I've been home in troubleshooting customer issue over the phone. Only a minor adjustment was needed... happy dealer... happy customer! Enjoyed meeting new friends from across the country and loved getting to know the APQS staff. (I know the AP stands for American Professional, but it could easily stand for AWESOME PEOPLE as well!)
  8. DaisyD, Just wanted to confirm to you that this machine has been sold. Thank you! Betty Reid
  9. There is a sale pending on the machine. It should be finalized this Friday. If it does not go through for any reason, I will let you know!
  10. Looking so forward to next week's classes in Des Moines & Carroll. Just wondering who else might be attending. I'm excited to meet other APQS owners and dealers. Betty Reid The Quilted Petal Petal, MS
  11. Hi DaisyD, Machine is still available. A lady is coming from Alabama to "test drive" it in the morning. I will be glad to let you know if she buys it or not. Are you near Hattiesburg, MS area? Thanks, Betty Reid 601-297-1841
  12. WOW! I've had my machine since Nov. 2014 and quilted MANY a quilts on it and today is my first day of "uh oh, that doesn't look right" on my vertical stitches while going in upward motion away from me. Before even troubleshooting myself, I check this FABULOUS FORUM and ta dah! My answer. Needle needed to be slightly adjusted to be exactly at 6:30 and problem solved. I'm talking in a matter of less than 90 seconds! Can I just say one more time how much I love APQS and their customer service! Thank you, Dawn Cavanaugh!!!
  13. Tonilyn, You should receive fabrics for DE, NJ, CT & MA by Tuesday. Thanks!
  14. Thanks, Tonilyn. I will pick up my last fabric today (driving to FL to get it, but I thought it was a really fun fact and that was the closest I could find!) My four states will be in the mail tomorrow!!!