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  1. Sweet deal! Wish I wasn't so far away. (Iowa) Good luck ! It will sell.
  2. I can't wait much longer! The suspense is killing me!
  3. Edie, I am happy to hear this! Sewingpup, it looks like we have the same goals in mind and the same height !!! All of this is invaluable knowledge! Jim, the Quilt-EZ is a computer program I'm unfamiliar with, also. I have had the opportunity to use an Intelliquilt, and liked it very much. I think for now, the important thing to do is be sure the machine is big enough and the frame well enough quipped that I can add a computer later with a minimum of fuss. Think I'll go with a Millie or Freddie and a blissed 14 foot table with advance quilt. I think everyone agrees APQS makes a wor
  4. Thank you, Zeke... good advice. Think I'd rather have a 26" without a computer first then add the computer later.
  5. I am preparing to buy and am considering a Liberty with Quilt EZ. Is the Liberty big enough at 20" to do big quilts? Its my first long arm and I just hope someone can tell me.
  6. Sherri, would you send me photos? marymellisa_habeck@yahoo.com
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