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  1. My Canadian grandmother (Memere) called her quilts "blankets"--perhaps it was lost in translation. Sometimes when I get hung up on all the "mistake finding" , it keeps me humble to remember, "My people called them blankets!" I do like Oma's answer!
  2. I'd wait and contact the family closer to the time you would actually begin quilting. While some of the sentiments expressed are beautiful and generous, the family may not see it that way. For instance, what if the family is trying to clear out his/her home and the fabric and quilting supplies seem endless /hopeless /infuriating...There are so many unknowns in this situation--the Guild members and friends may be able to offer insight, solutions, and resources to the family (and you).
  3. Local APQS dealer suggested Superior Omni on top and Bottom Line in bobbin--haven't found any better thread combination! Try it in light Lemon (a very light yellow) that is less harsh than white or cream--definitely my favorite neutral.
  4. My machine likes "not too full" and "not nearly empty" bobbins to run at it's very bigger bobbins would mean more "just right" bobbin time.
  5. There is a Face book post "how to get permanent marker out of anything"--it says hand sanitizer for clothes. My daughter the (for real) Chef swears by this, as they use Sharpies to label everything. Now chef coats are not fine cotton.... Uniform fabrics are stain-resistant and meant to take a beating--so I'd try the Dawn first!
  6. Teen girls grow into adults--skip the pink! I really like the gold suggestion! Extends it's life as a holiday quilt for a lifetime!