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  1. Amy at APQS was wonderful .It appears my Needle up sensor had gone bad. They sent me a new board and now it is top notch. The way we could tell it was a possible sensor problem was that the 5th light on the left bank did not light up.
  2. I have checked and quilt guide is off. I have unplugged the handles and the CAT 5 cables and the needle still going up and down. Thoughts Appreciated
  3. When I start my Millie the Needle never stops. The system comes up in stich regulator mode, with the needle up posiition but the needle keeps moving. I can stop the needle by setting Needle down. I have tried adjusting the little screw at the back of the machine but no luck. Looking for ideas thanks
  4. I have a Millenium that is about 18 months old Today it started to act up. All of a suddden the machine started to race! I have unplugged everything and plugged it back in. I have no idea what could be causing the problem. Any help would be appreciated !!