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  1. Yes, the aluminum L bobbins will work. I also have a Ultimate 1 and purchased a pack of 12 from Quilted Joy. Pack of 12 for $10.80. She is an APQS dealer and her shipping is super fast.
  2. Check out Longarm University website. Many used machines for sale listed there.
  3. Nigel, thanks! I hope not to have to mess with timing but I ordered so many of these needles I'm probably going to have to do that. Thanks again.
  4. Cagey, thanks for your reply. I will try tweaking the needle and see if that works. Also, I would love to keep using the Singer needles but I could not find them online to purchase and kept being referred to the Groz-Beckart and was told they bought out Singer needles. If anyone knows where I can purchase, please let me know. I don't want to mess with timing if I don't have to. Thanks again!
  5. Are these needles supposed to be the same? I have attached a photo, hopefully. I've been using the Singer brand since I purchased my machine. I tried the Groz-Beckert and it sounds like the needle is hitting the hook. Any suggestions??
  6. Sorry APQS, but it has been the biggest pain to try and enter this contest! Especially for those of us with the slowest internet service on the face of the earth!! You guys are definitely making us, or me anyway, work for this one!!
  7. I'm not sure of the difference between the Canadian dollar and the U.S., but that seems a little high to me. I purchased an Ultimate 1 less than two years ago, 14 foot table, not wooden, with m & m wheels, laser light, New motor, very clean and maintained very well and paid less than the price they are quoating you. I do not have the hopping foot but still use rulers with a Hartley base. I have a thread cutter but do not use it and I do not have stitch regulation. I've been very happy with my machine and think it's a great one to start with. Mine is a 1997 model and going strong. I would definitely negotiate the price down especially if you don't think it's been serviced regularly and you plan to modify/ upgrade some things.
  8. Thanks Zeke! Yes, been considering the interchangeable feet as well. Cindy
  9. Thanks, Nigel! Did written instructions on how to change the hopping foot come with the new foot and did you feel they were all inclusive? I have to have step by step and don't want any surprises, but I know this forum and APQS will be available to help if I have any questions.
  10. I purchased a used Ultimate 1 about a year ago and I am now contemplating changing the original foot that came with the machine to a hopping foot. I know re-timing will be involved. I just want to know, those owners of Ultimate 1's that have changed to a hopping foot if you are glad you did, pros, cons, etc. Thanks!!
  11. Sheagatzi, Off subject here, but you mentioned you are 6 ft tall. I'm curious to know how high do you have your machine? Do you have problems with your back hurting? I'm not as tall, 5'9", but wondering if my machine is high enough. I have days I have to stop quilting because my back is killing me. As far as irons go, I have had cheapies most of the time but for Christmas my hubby surprised me with a Rowenta made in Germany and I can't believe the difference! My seams lay so much better after piecing. I love it and baby it since I know it was expensive. Thanks
  12. I was sure you had thought of that already but I was curious for myself. I'm just starting to experiment with different threads and such. Hope you get the problem resolved quickly and its nothing too major.
  13. Would needle size make a difference between the two threads? So fine and Magnifico?
  14. Thanks Dlnewell, my sister has an embroidery machine and has some of this thread. Don't know why I didn't think to try it!!
  15. Thanks Sheagatzi, been reading older posts about everyone's thread choices. Yes, going to be a lot of experimenting.