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  1. Just under the bobbin race, there is a screw and grease is seeping out. Never had this to happen before. Wiped it off, and the next time a put in a new bobbin, there was more grease. It seemed to be clear at first and then last time it was dark. The machine is not making any odd sounds and it is sewing stitches that are good. Anyone have any ideas. I stopped for the night, but would like to finish the quilt tomorrow. Thanks a lot.
  2. JeannieB, you mentioned your QP "clamps". I had one clamp that was pre-installed when I opened the box. Should there be two? Do you have a picture or tell me where to see this. Thanks.
  3. Just completed putting together my Freedom. Now, should I oil, or was that done at factory before shipping? It seems dry to the touch at the top wicks. Thanks from this newbie.