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  1. I wish I was finished I have completed all the xmas projects, but I open my big fat mouth about helping a friend get donation fro lap blanket for little kids at the salvationarmy harbor house in san francisco, so now I'm on a missing making my three and getting 20 lap bnket donated. Well I know it for charity and this is the time of year for giving so I feel realy good to know that something I made and gave to someone esle's child put a smile on their face. If you would like to donate a lap blanket for a child please contact me: sugabear fashion at;(415) 756-8735 or for more imformation please email please make sure you state donation for the salvation army harbor house
  2. I' m trying to start my quilting business but I am having a hard time talk to store owner about displaying my quilts. Please can someone help. Oh I also my customer pay for the own fabric before I even being the project.