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  1. Thank for the info. I'll try looking at some craft stores.
  2. I have a very old Ulitmate II and the plastic has yellowed and is very brittle. I need to replace it. Has anyone done this? Does anyone have a suggestion on where to get it? I would have thought Staples or a hardware store would carry something I could use but I can't find anything.
  3. Rita R- Thanks for the tip. My husband will check them tonight when he gets home from work.
  4. Anne- I had someone come in and retime my machine. When he was here he adjusted my needle bar. Everything is working perfect now. I managed to quilt two small quilts last week. Hopefully my troubles are over. Jackie- I too get vibrations, mostly when the machine is quilting toward the front part of the quilt (towards the front roller bars). I don't know what's causing it, sometimes it's not too bad and others it's reall;y bad.
  5. I ended up lifting my foot about 5 business cards and it's perfect now. Tracey Russell (APQS dealer) took pity on me and had a look at my machine. She straighten out a lot of things and also fixed my tension. Everything was working good then I started getting a lot of thread breakage. It turned out I needed a new hook assembly. Clara is all better now and ready to go. I'm going to put my first quilt on the frame today. Fingers crossed that I have no more problems. I have to say if anyone is thinking of or looking to buy a longarm they should talk to Tracey. She is awesome!
  6. Chicken Scratch: I'm using warm and natural. It's not a very thick batting. Michelle: I watched the video and found it very helpful.
  7. Thanks everyone for the advice. Clara is up and running with no tension issues. We had to lower the foot back down so I still have the problem of the foot pushing the fabric but at least I can use her.
  8. Thanks Jim. I'll start from scractch and see how it goes.
  9. Thanks for the help Last night my husband and I went down and raised the foot. At first, we raised it too high and got lots of loops and skipped stitches. We lowered it and got less skipped stitches and loops but it's about the height that it was before so it's catching on the seams and pulling the fabric. We spent 4 hours on it and can't get rid it the looping on the backing side and we have loose stitches on the top. We adjusted and readjusted that tension and can't seem to fix it. Now, it seems when we pull up on the bobin thread it's catching on something and when we move the machine it's catching on something. I'm at my wits end. I don't know what to do.
  10. Laura, it seems to me that the foot is pushing the fabric. I tried pinning the top's edge and sides and had the same result. By the time I got the the end the fabric was bunching. I moved my machine across the quilt top and noticed that it's catching on the seams, so I think the foot is to low. How do you adjust the foot height?
  11. Teresa, the table and the ends are wood and the legs and frame are metal. It's really sturdy. I know I'm going to enjoy her once I figure everything out. There is a lot to learn like dbustle said hopefully it will all eventually become second nature to me.
  12. Thanks buslady003. I may need some advice in the future. Dawn, I know what you mean. I'm nervous about do anything on it. It's nice to know that I'm not alone on trying to figure things out. I have it all pinned and ready to go so I'll try tomorrow.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I don't have a stitch regulator so I'll try slowing my machine down and I'll pin the top. Hopefully this will solve the problem.
  14. Hi Everybody. I recently purchased an UItimate II. I very happy with her but I'm having some trouble with her. Once I've loaded the quilt I tried to baste the top of the quilt but when I move my machine along it is moving the fabric. by the time I get to the other side of the quilt it has gathered to form a tuck and the quilt top is no longer square. I looks to me that the foot is catching on the fabric. What am I doing wrong? Is my foot to low?