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  1. EQ7 Instructor

    Freemotion videos

    A wonderful resource, Tracey!
  2. EQ7 Instructor

    APQS Northwest!

    Congratulations! There is no going back now.
  3. EQ7 Instructor


    Gorgeous! Thank you for the inspiration, Linda - and for the ribbon!!! Al
  4. I fold the binding in half, and apply the iron in one pass. This just barely creates a crease. Then I machine quilt, starting on the back and finishing on the front with a narrow zigzag. Not a show quilter here, just getting it done on my quilts. I would hate to do it by hand, too. Al
  5. Hi. I've been away for a while, doing some serious longarm quilting, and creating some new things. After several days running, I stopped accepting replies on the EQ7 Training Survey, and published the results on my blog. I also attach an image of the summary here. Please let me know if you are interested in the results, or if you interpret differently the results I summarized on my blog post. I am open to others' opinions, as I am not a professional statistician, nor a pollster. I want to share the results of the EQ7 Training Survey I announced a while back here on the forum. Based on traffic to that post on my blog, there seems to be quite a bit of interest in live, recorded online webinars to learn EQ7. Nobody is doing this, anywhere; mine will be a new way of learning EQ7! Note: I attach the image of the EQ7 Training Survey Results. I invite you to share it widely; I also would love to read your comments about my interpretation of the results! Another learning option is to attend in person one of the hands-on classes (I will be teaching those, too). However, for many of us, precious time is hard to dedicate to traveling, and even harder to justify motel/hotel, meals, etc. Online webinars are a great option, however. I will make the recordings of the webinars available to attendees for a specific time frame after I upload the finished videos to my website. I look forward to your comments! Meanwhile, I invite you to read the Survey Results on my blog, Learning to Quilt. I am also dedicating 2 brand-new websites to my EQ7 Training effort: EQ7 Training, which will include everything else that is not webinars, such as free tips, lessons, patterns, etc. EQ7 Training Videos, which will be the place where I announce upcoming webinar dates, and dates for my weekly EQ7 Training Office Hours. Thank you for your attention! Al
  6. EQ7 Instructor

    Survey - Interest in EQ7 webinars

    Thank you to everyone who has already participated in the survey I started a while ago. Later this week I will publish the results. In the meantime, if you are an EQ7 user, or wonder what it's about, I invite you to participate in the survey, at: http://www.startingtoquilt.com/2015/06/would-love-to-know-your-interests-eq7-survey.html Thank you! Al EQ7 Instructor
  7. EQ7 Instructor

    VT Quilt show

    Thanks, Heidi. There were wonderful entries - and to win one of the categories is a great achievement. Well done! Al
  8. EQ7 Instructor

    VT Quilt show

    Congratulations - a wonderful achievement! Al P.S.: I was unable to locate the VT Quilt Show FB page.
  9. EQ7 Instructor

    Row by Row Experience

    Teresa, The Missouri Star Quilt Co. states on their blog for this event: "...While the pattern for our row must be picked up in our shop here in Hamilton, Missouri, ..." The link is: http://blog.missouriquiltco.com/row-by-row-experience-2015/ Al
  10. EQ7 Instructor

    Survey - Interest in EQ7 webinars

    Response to my Interest Survey for EQ7 on my blog has been excellent. If you have a few minutes, and are interested, please participate. Thank you! Al
  11. EQ7 Instructor

    Row by Row Experience

    Tonilyn, I also sent you a PM.
  12. EQ7 Instructor

    Survey - Interest in EQ7 webinars

    Lynn, Thank you for the suggestions - they are great! I will be teaching at least one session, at one of the quilt shops in the Kansas City area. Please look for announcements in the next Newsletter from that shop. And I will continue to work to expand the sessions and venues. Al
  13. Hi. I am new to the Forums. I am Al Navas, EQ7 Instructor. I live in NW Missouri. I wanted to share the following, as there might be some interest here. I published on my blog this morning: An announcement of an EQ7 webinar interest survey. I you are interested in the online webinars, I invite you to participate in the survey. I also published a new page on the blog, describing the courses I will offer. My blog is Learning to Quilt. You can find it at http://www.startingtoquilt.com/. Thank you! Al
  14. EQ7 Instructor

    Exciting News!

    Fantastic! Congratulations to both of you!!!
  15. Congratulations, Sheri and MaryBeth - your pieced quilt was awesome, as were all the winners! I did not anticipate the show would be so large - a wonderful surprise. I would call it a huge success! Al