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    Longarm quilter got a reaction from Sunny Quilter in APQS Northwest!   
    Congratulations! There is no going back now.
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    Longarm quilter got a reaction from WandaGerdes in To press binding in half or not; that is the question   
    I fold the binding in half, and apply the iron in one pass. This just barely creates a crease. Then I machine quilt, starting on the back and finishing on the front with a narrow zigzag. Not a show quilter here, just getting it done on my quilts. I would hate to do it by hand, too.
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    Longarm quilter reacted to barbm in The APQS Family is the best!   
    I totally agree with Heidi!!  We were indeed treated like royalty!  But I think I left my brain in a puddle on the factory floor on Saturday afternoon..... And there's a test coming!!
    Whether you're an owner or an APQS representative, if you get the opportunity to attend classes in Iowa, it's worth dropping everything to get there!  I've been selling and servicing APQS machines for seven years, and I learned so many things this past week....
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dawn, Amy, and Angie (our primary APQS "angels") for everything you did for us during our visit!!! :P :P And thank you, APQS, for the opportunity!!
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    Longarm quilter reacted to HeidiP in The APQS Family is the best!   
    I just returned from Iowa where I was treated like royalty by the staff at the APQS Showroom in Des Moines and the APQS factory at Carroll. I'm in awe at the opportunities and training provided for us by Tony, Dawn, Amy, Angie, Mike and others. I personally saw the care, craftsmanship and quality that goes into APQS machines. From engineering and the birthing room through calibrating stitch length to packaging for shipping, from sales and accounting to repairs, I experienced good people who were obviously loved and valued by the company they work for.
    While in Des Moines I had the opportunity to audit a Beginner and Advanced Beginner class taught by Dawn. She is an awesome teacher! If you ever have an opportunity to take a class from her, I highly recommend it. Everyone, including dealers who were able to audit the classes, left with resources and a better understanding of achieving that perfect stitch quality that APQS machines can provide.
    While in Carroll, Dawn and Amy gave us an understanding of the parts and repair of current and vintage machines and Quilt Path. They taught us the tricks of the trade as we were guided through trouble shooting and repairing or replacing the needle bar and bushings, changing out the hopping foot, rocker assembly, hook assembly, cleaning the drive shaft, circuit boards, motor armature and replacing the motor brushes, changing out washers and adjusting the thread cutter, cleaning and packing the gear box and timing, timing and timing machines. And that's not a complete list!
    Mike, APQS engineer and inventor of the M&M wheels we all love, taught us about the electrical components and protecting our machines from fluctuation in power supply.
    Everyone was so generous with their time, resources and an abundant supply of chocolate! It was truly a privilege experience!
    With no time for sight seeing, I may just need to make another trip to Iowa!
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    Longarm quilter reacted to GMALKB in Classes with Angela Huffman from Quilted Joy   
    I can't attend her classes personally, but I got her DVDs...........they are great.
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    Longarm quilter reacted to qltnbe in Classes with Angela Huffman from Quilted Joy   
    Yup....she is really good at what she does.  She has been a friend for a very long time and I have seen her develop into the person that she is.  She loves her craft and willingly shares it all. You learned from the best.  
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    Longarm quilter reacted to Shuttlebug in Classes with Angela Huffman from Quilted Joy   
    I just completed a 2 day beginner class taught by Angela Huffman from Quilted Joy. She is a fantastic fun teacher. She and her staff are so friendly and helpful. I never thought I would be able to do free motion/custom quilting, but after taking this class, I have a new outlook. Of course it is going to take that p word we all hate, practice, practice, practice. LOL I feel confident with the foundation she started us on that I will be able to build on this. I just wanted to post this to thank her for all her dedication, patience, and help she gave us newbies. If you ever have the opportunity to take a class from her, I highly recommend it. Head on over to quiltedjoy.com and check her out.
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    Longarm quilter reacted to AHuffman in Classes with Angela Huffman from Quilted Joy   
    Oh my! What a treat to pop in here and trip over this post! 
    Thank you so much for the kind words and I'm delighted you enjoyed your classes! You've got me smiling from ear to ear!
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    Longarm quilter reacted to Quilting Heidi in Customer Service is A #1!   
    I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to APQS for always providing amazing customer service.  Right now I'm dealing with an issue with Lowes and Samsung and all I want to tell them is they could really take a lesson from you!  I have never had anything but quick responses and so much help, even on holidays!  You are amazing and I just wanted to say you were, I don't even have a problem unless of course you can fix my 5 month old fridge 
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    Longarm quilter got a reaction from Quilting Heidi in VT Quilt show   
    Thanks, Heidi.
    There were wonderful entries - and to win one of the categories is a great achievement. Well done!
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    Longarm quilter reacted to Quilting Heidi in VT Quilt show   
    Colette thank you so much for posting the picture!  I will get there tomorrow to see it live.  
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    Longarm quilter got a reaction from Quilting Heidi in VT Quilt show   
    Congratulations - a wonderful achievement!
    P.S.: I was unable to locate the VT Quilt Show FB page.
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    Longarm quilter reacted to HeidiP in I'm not a quilter... but I'm related to an amazing one!   
    I started my grandkids out with what they wanted to make at the time. A doll quilt (age 8), placemats-quilting only, (age 5), a throw (age 7), a wall hanging (age 9) and a twin bed quilt (ages 12 and 14). The 5 year old is 6 now and reminding me often that she can piece on my Bernina now. Her brother started piecing at that age but I feel safer with her quilting her placemats on Millie. The funny thing about my grandkids is that they feel the need to finish a quilt before starting a new project. I didn't teach them that!
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    Longarm quilter reacted to Cagey in I'm not a quilter... but I'm related to an amazing one!   
    When I first started to quilt about 2 years ago, when I made a quilt for my deceased sister's daughter who had just had a little girl.  I did it in remembrance of my sister, and because she always made items for my 5 daughters.  What I enjoyed about the quilt top piecing, was the somewhat instant gratification I had after a few hours.  In three days or so of after dinner working, I had a completed quilt top.  From that time forward, I was somewhat hooked.  Now it is the piecing, the quilting, and the pleasure it brings me to give something to friends or family that is hand made that I truly enjoy.
    As strange as it may seem, I started my girls off learning to sew by sewing on their school notebook paper.  The lines are right at a quarter inch apart on the paper.  I had them practice sewing straight lines on the paper, and then learning to finger press the paper.  Press to the dark side, and the blocks will lock together better than you could ever do with fabric your first time.  Paper is easy for them to hold, and easy for them to sew on.  After they feel comfortable with the lines paper, try sewing colored paper together forming quilt blocks.  Making four half square triangles, and then sew them together.  They make a perfect top to a card for your grandmother.  Instant gratification--in under two hours you have a paper quilt top card for them to mail out showing their accomplishments to grandma.  
    Feeling a little more adventurous the next day, have them make piece together some hot pad holder quilt tops.  Get the proper batting, and backing layer fabric, and they can even SID the entire top.  They now have their own hot pad holder for you kitchen, or they have a gift for family/friends.  Being a former homeschooler myself, you could easily work some outstanding math, measuring, estimating, etc. lessons into this project.  You would be educating them at multiple levels with this simple project/lesson.  
    Take them to the fabric store let them pick out a few different fabrics to make their first quilt top.  What is their favorite animal, bug, interest?  Find fabric with the animal, bug, etc, and let them do some research or a report on their favorite.  Where was the fabric made?  Another report/learning exercise for your homeschool program.  Cut some long strips of fabric 1 inch wide.  Weave the different colors together forming your own fabric.  Sew around the outside locking the strips together, they have their own handmade placemats.   
    Cut larger blocks for younger children, smaller blocks for older ones.  They can just sew the squares/rectangles together.  Then put on one or two borders, and they are done with their first quilt top.  If you used squares, you could be adventurous, and put the quilt top on point.  How much area did the quilt top lose by cutting the three triangles, and then turning them, and piecing them together forming a new top?  You may want to think about that before you ask them to explain it.  There are thousands of home schooling lessons you could bring into sewing/quilting.  It truly depends on how far you go with it depending on how much the kids are enjoying the project.
    I for one believe a 12 month project is a little too long for their first project.  Just like us, they want instant gratification when first starting out.  They may enjoy the time spent with you, but that is a long time to have to wait to see their end result 12 months or more from how.  Make it a learning experience while at the same time making it fun.  Math, measuring, reading skills learned here can carry forward for a lifetime.  They just may come to love sewing, and quilting just as much as you.
    Best of luck.
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    Longarm quilter reacted to amommasheart6 in I'm not a quilter... but I'm related to an amazing one!   
    My grandmother has been quilting since I can remember. I am blessed to have MANY of her quilts throughout our home... each of the kids' beds, our bed, the quest bed, in bags in the closet (she's started hand quilting a lot of her most recent projects and I'm afraid to use them!). Spoiled? Absolutely! My love of sewing comes from her... ok, so my desire to love sewing comes from her. She gives me the hardest time about not sewing more, and constantly tells me how her children never would have had anything to wear if she didn't sew. I don't think she desires to understand that things are different now... but I digress. My point is, I'm a homeschooling momma and my oldest daughter would love to sew. I thought that we would start with a 12 Month quilt, something where she could make a quilt block for each month, then we could put them all together at the end of the year. However, I am overwhelmed as to where/how to start. I'd appreciate any encouragement!
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    Longarm quilter reacted to chrisquilter in Exciting News!   
    My Customer Marcia Switzer entered her quilt in the Large Quilt Duet category at the NQA Little Rock Show.  She won a third place ribbon!  Yea! so happy for us! LOL   Her applique is incredible.  I am so blessed she lets me quilt for her! IMG_20140503_085553 by chrisquilt00, on Flickr    Click into the photo for additional pictures.
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    Longarm quilter got a reaction from Zora in Kansas City Regional quilt Festival   
    It was an amazing show! I went yesterday with DW and her sister. KUDOS to the Team that put on the Festival!!!
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    Longarm quilter reacted to Kueser in Kansas City Regional quilt Festival   
    Our guild had a booth there and it was very successful. My feet hurt like the dickens but in a couple of days I'll be back to hula'n away behind my Millie. Great show and what a bunch of great booths to brose through and of course buy, buy, buy. Can't wait for the next show in 2017.
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    Longarm quilter reacted to yankiequilter in Curved crosshatching   
    First time for me using curved crosshatch rulers.  While I got a little clumsy with my arms crossed in the wrong direction a couple of times I am happy with the end result.  Thank you, Linda Rech, for the set of rulers and for explaining how to use them.  So easy!  I could have used a larger ruler, does Dennis make them larger than those in the set of 5?
    Also, first time stitching around applique. 

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    Longarm quilter reacted to whatever66 in OH YEAH   
    HI everyone, my LENNI has arrived 
    I have a very smaill studio, it took some effort to get it into the room.  The room is 10 by 12 and the table 12 feet
    I have to "crawl" through the closet to get into the room  but here it is.

    It looks like a bowling alley so I named her ALLEY CAT
    I added my second quilt that is on the frame

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    Longarm quilter reacted to Quilting Heidi in Quilt labels   
    I've done labels both ways metion by Jim and Norma.  By the way your friend will truly appreciate your appreciation!