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  1. Hello Fellow Quilters, I am excited to announce a five day Art and Stitch Workshop at The Quilting Connection with host Sue Schmieden, creator of the Quick Zip System and owner of her longarm shop for sales and training.This workshop includes a two day beginner/advanced workshop and then one and half day of my unique feather designing and also a day and a half of feather digitizing with this wonderful program. Dates are August 10-14th, 2015. for more information visit Sue's website: www.longarmconnection.com, email: quiltingconnectionwi@hotmail.com or phone 262-723-6775. Please join us and lea
  2. For Sale, Hartlely Fence with 11 Sets of Stencils with the Adapter and Base Expander, New $1360.00 for Sale $900.00 A one day workshop of $180.00 can be had for use of the Hartley Fence to include various circle designs such as Baptist Fan as well as stencil use in blocks and borders. I have purchased an Intelliquilter for my Millenium and no longer need them. I found them such a useful product before the computer systems came along. Please call 315-788-7349 or cell 315-783-9153. I am located in North Eastern New York.Shipping and Handling is extra.