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  1. I'm trying to start a business with t-shirt quilts - do you do an e2e or treat the t-shirts independently
  2. Lee Ann - thank you so much for answering. I was trying to do each shirt with consistent design and have the sashing different. I just felt like when I did them acrossed I was not consistent with the sashing. I thought maybe I was doing wrong. I've not done a panto - I want to try but I find I'm short and can't see the thread to make sure it's not broken. I'm so learning and I want to do it right. I've done them on my home machine. Easy to do the blocks. Then come back and do a design on the sashing. I'm just not getting a good look as it joins!
  3. OK so I've loaded my quilt and put it on the rollers. I'm doing tee-shirt quilts. Do I just quilt the squares, then come back for the sashing around them? Do I start at the top and keep going to the end? What about starting from the center out?
  4. I've been outsourcing all the embroidery work for the quilts. I'm getting a long arm and with the loan I'm wondering if I should get an embroidery machine. I've offered names, scripture or anything in a square. What is a good machine to get to be able to bring the embroidery inhouse? Thanks Cindy
  5. Hi this is Cindy Kingery we have been talking (txting) regarding the Ultimate 1 - just letting you know I left my phone and ipad at home. I'm at work all day. Please post an email if possible thanks cindy
  6. I would love to purchase this machine but would need shipping are you willing to ship?
  7. Dream world for me. I'm still in the basement!
  8. Just starting out with Long Arm and here this is a great deal. Can you send a picture of the table it goes on?
  9. Is the wooden frame better? Will the frame come with? Cindy
  10. Hi Zeke - I'm new to Long arm and have a grace frame (metal) I currently just have my machine on it and would love a little more room. I'm interested but should research the machine. I will do that today and give you an email. I live in Columbus Ohio will shipping be offered?
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