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  1. Congratulations to you and to the new owner. The anticipation of getting a new machine . . I know the feeling!
  2. Thanks Monika. I am so looking forward to the new one arriving soon, I hope. My credit card hasn't been charged yet so I'm guessing it hasn't been shipped. My sewing room seems quite empty without a longarm in there.
  3. I struggled with it a bit and initially placed the order with the larger bobbin but then called and changed back to the smaller. I've had such good luck with it and don't mind changing the bobbin a bit more often. The larger bobbins are fine, I'm sure, but I loved everything about my last Millie, especially the great tension no matter what thread or combination of threads I used, so I stuck with the Smart bobbin.
  4. Thanks Sandra! How are you feeling? Don't forget there are two more since Nine Patch Extravaganza!
  5. Great news! Thanks for sharing. I hear often of folks who are struggling with getting a quilting business off the ground so it's nice to hear success stories -- both professional and personal!
  6. Monika, I'm so sorry to read about the changes you're having to make. I just wanted to share that movers have moved my Millennium three times and never damaged anything so it can be done if you want to keep it and move it.
  7. The quilting and the outside scenery are gorgeous! I would love to have the quilt but not your snow!
  8. It was in 2001 (I think) when I bought my first used Ultimate I from APQS, then maybe in 2003 I got a Freedom without a stitch regular . . trying to stay within the budget, you know? Then in 2004, after my quilt won at the AQS Expo in Nashville, I upgraded the Freedom to a Millennium. I have loved my Millie every single day for almost 9 years but decided to get the new version. The new one was ordered yesterday and I'm as excited as I was waiting for that very first machine to arrive back in 2001. The only option I added was Bliss and I stuck with the Smart bobbin and I cannot wait f
  9. The only thing I struggled with when ordering my new machine was the bobbin size. I placed the order with the larger M size and almost immediately changed my mind and went back to the smaller Smart bobbin. I've been using the L size on the APQS machines since 2001 on three different machines and have never ever had one moment's problem with tension (or anything for that matter) and I also don't mind changing bobbins so I stuck with what I had used and had such good luck with. Who would think that the bobbin size would have caused me so much back and forth and emailing and calling to get
  10. If I knew how to edit this post, I would edit it but . . I can't figure that out. My machine is sold!
  11. APQS Millennium, 2004, very loved and well cared for machine for sale. This is my own machine and I'm going to upgrade. The machine is located in central Texas and I'm asking $9,500. It has a 12' table. The table is a 2001 model from when I got my first APQS machine, then upgraded to the Millennium head in 2004 but kept the same table. It's all in excellent condition, works great. I would prefer that it be picked up and not shipped. If you have any questions, you may respond here, or call me (417-553-5394) or email (Laquidara@gmail.com). Thanks!
  12. There's a quilt shop in Lake Charles on W. Prien Lake Road called Quilts Bayou. Last time I was there, they didn't have a lot of fabric. There are a couple in Sulphur and I heard they didn't have a lot of fabric but I haven't been to either of them lately. I'm stashbusting, you know! I can tell you some great restaurants in the area . . I'm not on a diet (though I definitely should be!) Have fun and thanks for doing good work in my home town!
  13. I have been blogging for a few years and I love. My blog posts aren't always quilt related . . there were months it seemed where all I discussed was the chicken coop (or lack thereof!). I don't show quilts that I'm doing for others on either the blog or facebook. Many wonderful friendships have developed due to the blog and most of my teaching engagements come from someone who reads my blog recommending me to their guild program chair. My suggestion would be to think about what you hope to accomplish before you start blogging or using facebook, then think about how you'll get to that
  14. Have you tried Mountain Mist Gold? I like it a lot for when I need something with a bit more poof than the Mountain Mist Rose.
  15. Quilt shows and classes and show & tell at guilds are great ways to stimulate our creativity and desire to quilt but . . sometimes it's not guild day or the quilt show isn't in town. Then you can grab a friend with lots of photos and spend the day together! How's that for a plan? Those wanting to live closer, just pack more clothes when you come to MQS and stay! Simple as that!
  16. That looks pretty scary! How long will it take to recede and does this happen often? Stay safe and dry!
  17. You can do a search at quiltshops.com. I just did it and found it in at least fastthreadsonline.com. I've never done any business with them . . just saw that they have it.
  18. I do not have that fabric but if you cannot find it and if you'd like, I'd be happy to post a picture on my blog and see if any of my readers have it.
  19. We could all plan a big trip to Target during MQS! Somehow I think you'll all have bigger and better things to do while in KC.
  20. Do you notice that when you're around quilters, it makes you want to quilt more? I spent the day with Jeanne in Kansas City and we shopped and ate and had so much fun. Just hearing about all Jeanne's quilting and seeing pictures of quilts she's recently done and quilts she has waiting to do . . great inspiration for me. My recommendations are two: (1) If you're feeling a bit in a rut and can't get your quilting enthusiasm up and running, call a quilting buddy and spend the day together talking about quilting and (2) If you're a quilter and know someone needing a bit of a nudge in the q
  21. It's my favorite batting too . . pretty much all I keep now and it either Cream or White Rose goes into all my own quilts.
  22. Cannot! It has something to do with hunting ducks and carrying the decoys out to the pond I suppose but that's just a guess on my part.
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