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  1. Why have I not received posts for the last mo. I cant seem to see where I am signed up or not. How do I fix it?
  2. Connie: Thanks but looking for a WIZARD not lizard panto. I will check out your bobbin site along with Bonnie & Sharon that wrote. Thanks girls for answering. Bobette Paradise, CA
  3. Has anyone ever seen a Panto with a wizard. I have seen a block pattern but unable to find a computer wizard panto. I am looking to see if there might be any pre-wound cotton bobbins out there with heavier weight like the ones Superior discontinued. I really like them as I use YLI top. I have the super bobs and have gotten the new Master piece but the thread is so much finer on them. Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks: Bobette Paradise, CA
  4. Check out these clamps. I have had several kinds and finally found these that I really like. They hold good stay out of the way and are not heavy. Tomorrows Heirlooms side Clamps http://02b82aa.netsolstores.com/ Bobette Paradise, CA
  5. I use and have the full line of yli variegated. Do not use anything else usually but have gotten a few king tut when found them in a store with a cone. I do not seem to have to change tention very much, it stays pretty good all the time. One suggestion is if you are using sewers aid. Go to auto-walmart-k-mart and get a can of silicone spray. Just spray the complete cone it works great and is less expensive. I find sometimes with the yli the way it is wound at the base of the cone it will brake my thread. Sometimes I have had to re wind it to another spool. But many times the spray works grea
  6. Are there any pictures out there of carpenter star done? Has anyone used a computer panto that really fits this quilt? I just cant decide what to do with it. TY Bobette
  7. I am stepping in here to ask your Opinions. I read the lists all the time but do not write. Love to see all the great thing everyone has to say. I have a fan quilt that I want to put a Panto on. What has anyone done that they liked. I have searched the net but cant decide what would look good on it. I have CQ so will be looking for Digitized design. I would send picture but do not know how to attach. Thank You for all your suggestions. Bobette Paradise CA
  8. Go to Home Depot and get a can of Denatured Alcohol. I will not be without it in my sewing room. I use Quilted cotton squares from the drugstore cosmetic department. I clean all my machines with it and it will take off permanent marker from your plastic. You will find there are many uses for it cleaning up in the sewing room. Hope this helps you all. Bobette Paradise, CA
  9. I have several things I no longer need and I would like to sell. Twain Bobbin gage Hartley Fence & 8 sets I also have approx. 85 Pantos on 6 different list. They are listed by designer. If you are interested please E-Mail me for a list and Prices. Bobettesews@aol.com Bobette Paradise, CA
  10. It is so cute. If I could figure out how to send a picture I would show you my Sock Monkey I just put together. Meg: I would like to know how you made your label? Thanks Bobette Miller Paradise, CA
  11. Linda: Have you used the pattern? It is such a small picture on the site. I guess I could enlarge it if it is a very tight pattern. Thanks for the help. Dorothy: I keep thinking of coming up but now have another holiday weekend upon us. Bobette
  12. Has anyone seen a Chicken Panto with not to much detail. I have a small quilt with a chicken panel in center I have not been able to locate anything with chickens in it. Thanks Bobette Paradise, CA
  13. I would like to hear how you measure your quilts for Pantos, and what measurements you put in CQ. What steps do you make to have the panto not go to far off the edge of the quilt. I have had some that are just perfect on each row, but have had others that go anywhere from 1/2 to 1-1/2 inches off on the right side. Some loosing part of the design. I am just interested to hear how others do their setups. CQ is new and I am still learning lots. Thank you: Bobette Miller Paradise, CA
  14. Hello all: I am not one to write much but I sure love reading everything that is posted. I cant wait! It will be coming in 2 weeks. I am having the CQ added to my Mill. I am not getting much sleep just thinking of what it will be like to have it. I would like to see any pictures and hear the way you have set them up with your machine. Also I see there is a form for CQ can I sign up to get it or do I need to go to it to read? I just cant figure out how to get it sent to me daily. Ty Bobette Paradise, CA
  15. Congratulations. I love hearing about those marriages. My hubby and I have got 45 years in. Will you all believe this! My parents are both still living and will be having their 73 Anniversary in a couple months. My husbands folks made 63 before we lost one of them. Bobette Paradise, CA
  16. I just have to step in here. I did not like the yard stick or curtin rod. SO I got one of those swimming noodles from the dollor store. Cut it in half with my bread knife and that is what keeps my clamps up and away from my machine while quilting the edge. Bobette Paradise, CA
  17. I would like to E-mail Janet (Mahubs) who left a message to contact her but does not have address listed. Janet if you get this please contact me. TY Bobette Bobettesews@aol.com
  18. Janet: I was unable to find your E-mail to write direct. Please contact me as I believe what you have is exactly what I am looking for. TY Bobette Bobettesews@aol.com Paradise, CA
  19. I have been searching for a pattern to make a breast cancer quilt with the ribbon in each block. I would like it with as few pieces as possible if there is one out there somewhere. Can anyone direct me to finding it. TY in advance Bobette Paradise, CA
  20. Hope this helps some of you, it is an old but very good trick for Storing your thread. Keep it in the Refrigerator or freezer will help with brakage. Even putting it in over night will sometimes help. When I have extra spools of color I keep them in the freezer until use. I have a freezer in my quilt room. If the one I am using gives me problems I pull out the moist one. It always seems to help. I keep all my embroidery machine metallic thread there when not in use. It is very sensitive to the fast speed of the embroidery and freezing keeps it moist. Would live to hear from anyone tha
  21. I will have to show you how I store mine. They are in wine bottle boxes. I got them from the beverage store. I do mainly Pantos so have quite a few. I would like to get time to make a list for ones I would like to sell. If interested please e-mail me and I will see if I can get it together. Bobette
  22. I don't write to often but read all the time. I have to agree with Catherine Both hands and mainly only do Pantos. Yes, I to wish I could get bobbins with the same top thread. Here is a picture one just finished and love the shell pattern I got for it.
  23. Thank you so much for you help. Now all I need is the computer. Bobette
  24. I need some help finding a panto again. I have a picture of it called Christmas star and now do not know where I found it. Can anyone help. Or has anyone seen something really striking that has stars in it. I have 2 but looking for something more. Thank you: Bobette Paradise, CA
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