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  1. I wrote to APQS and they sent me instructions. They were very quick and helpful, as usual!!
  2. Where can I obtain instructions for installing my Hartley Fence on my Millie machine. I used it on an old Freedom. With the Bliss rails and stitch regulator is there an adapter I need to get this to work? Have searched all over the internet, but can't find steps for installation. Thanks!
  3. No stitch regulator. I live in SW Arlington. Available on Saturday. will send private msg
  4. I will get the machine set up with muslin & batting for a test drive. I have three interested buyers including you. I figure you would want to view the machine before it is disassembled. I have a friend that can come by to help carry it down stairs for pick up but it will take an hour or so to take the table apart. You would probably want to be part of the process so it would facilitate putting it back together! It really isn't complicated although. Not too many parts! I'm sending this note to the others this morning so please contact me soon so we can arrange a time for you to come by.
  5. Please contact me when you would like to see the machine! Will be gone for Thanksgiving but back on Saturday. Have two other serious lookers - so please respond soon! 817 681 1098
  6. SOLD! Going to a great home!! 2003 APQS Freedom - Price reduced 12/29! 26 inches Throat/Harp 14 Foot Table Frame - you can quilt King spreads! Channel lock Laser Pointer for pantos Bottom Thread Cutter Needle Up/Down Will include extra bobbin cases, bobbins, needles and some thread to get you started. Used for personal use - lots of baby and family quilts finished on this machine! Machine has been well cared for and is in very good/great condition. I have learned a lot on this machine. Glides beautifully and has a great feel. A great machine to learn how to longarm sew without cos