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  1. Hi Everyone! Does anybody know which internet site has the best prices on Hobbs batting? Thanks, Barbi
  2. Hi Judy, I have done a lot of research, but I know there is much more out there. I am excited and nervous at the same time about starting my own business. I know that it will take some time before I can actually work full time from home. I work full time outside the home now, so my quilting time is at night and weekends. I do not want inexpensive thread, I believe that quality counts. Thanks for the information. Do you use a standard color for your quilting? I noticed on several quilting websites they only use a white cotton and yet others offer different colors. How often do yo
  3. Thanks SaundraLee. Keep warm. I have lived in Texas for the last 6 years, but am from Colorado Springs. I was there in November. I sure do miss the snow. Barbi
  4. Hi Tracey, I know what you mean about so many similar names. A lot of this is new to me...just started getting back into the quilting scene in 2004. I am welcome to any advice. What is the EQ? I have passed by the websites, but haven't ventured into it.
  5. I am in the process of starting my own quilts and quilting business. Do you have advice on where the best deals are on thread, batting, etc? Thanks, Barbi
  6. Thanks Tracey. the pcq is a free motion carriage that would replace the existing carriage on my grace frame. the information that I read on their site sounds great. I have been quilting for along time...started when I was a little girl with my grandma. In the last year or so I have started it again and I can't get enough. Doesn't seem like I have enough hours in the day. I work full time and would love to quilt as a business instead of working in the office all day. I recently purchased a Janome 1600 quilting machine and a grace quilting frame. I am in the process of making this a bus
  7. I am considering the purchase of the pc quilter. Does anyone have comments or experience with this product?