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  1. I have a scrappy quilt that someone wants to buy. I would like to place a label on the backing. What kind of information is usually on the quilt label? What size is the label? I wasn't expecting this quilt top to be purchased! I was planning to use it for practice and then donate the quilt, but she liked it so much I've completed the quilt and quilted edge to edge with Circle Lord's Seven Treasures of Buddah. The quilt is a wedding present and will be shipped across the country (WV to CA). Just wondering what information should I put on the label. I do have an embroidery machine, so I'll be using it to make the label. Janis B
  2. My Freddie has been dormant for two years (shame on me). What tips does anyone have before I start using the machine?
  3. Could someone provide a website for the purchase of the Circle Lord? It sounds like something I'll be needing in the future.
  4. Thanks for the information. I'm still debating to myself whether to make each individually, or to create as one piece and then cut apart. Although if I made one large top on the LA I would still have to piece a large top area. So to me it would seem that making them individual on the DSM would make better use of time. I like the idea of stacking several fabrics like Cheryannie used, and using the over-sized backing as binding like Linda suggested. I will be paid for all supplies that I used, I'm not donating anything.
  5. I've been approached to see if I would be interested in making some crazy quilted potholders, at least 50. I would be buying all the supplies and at this point, my choice of design. But I guess with a crazy quilt design, anything goes for a design. Has anyone made that many potholders? Any words of wisdom on cost. I have a Bernina 730 so I was thinking that I would use it rather than my Freedom. I have a year to complete the project.
  6. Where are some sites where I can purchase Hartley Fence products? Also sites that have similar products?
  7. Something you want to think about is visiting a government surplus facility or a Habitat for Humanity Restore. I found at the Restore store several laminated island countertops. Sizes were about 4x8 or larger, completely fished on all sides. I wasn't picky about the colors.Will be converting them into tables of various heights for sewing (low), cutting (high) and office work (regular). Only cost $15 each.
  8. How do you decide what color thread to use? I'm new, only have quilted 2 quilts so far. One practice for me and one paying. I wasn't happy with my choice of thread color on my second quilt. I used blueberry thread. The fabric colors ranged from cream/stone to black including medium blue, and purple. So the quilt had several colors. Do you try to blend with the majority of the fabric regardless of the color? Or do you try to blend to the lightest or the darkest fabric? Too many decisions!!!! I would post a picture, but haven't figured that part out yet. I did a pantograph, Frisky Cat (I think that is the name). I wanted to do a custom, but a had a deadline.
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