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  1. It looks exactly like mine, which I purchased new in July 2003. I have all the same add-ons, as well as M&M wheels. I still love mine, so it would be a great machine for someone.
  2. Thank you all for your wonderful design suggestions. Based on your input, I'm going with the CC in the border and center portion. I like the ideas of detailing the cottages and adding smoke coming from the chimneys, as well as grass, sidewalks, and leafy vines to fill some of the open areas. Now I just need to get started. I am so glad to be working on my own quilt. I used to quilt for others (not full time though) and for the most part I enjoyed it. But I never got around to quilting anything for myself unless it was a quick pantograph, so now it is fun to be able to put some detail int
  3. I made this quilt a few years ago and was saving it until I had a little more quilting experience under my belt. But now I am staring at it and it isn't saying anything special about how it would like me to quilt it. Does anyone have any inspiration on how to quilt this? I don't have a computerized setup, so any quilting will need to be controlled by my hands, accompanied or not by rulers. This group has helped me before and I really appreciate it, so I am hoping someone will be able to point me in a creative direction. Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer. Becky
  4. I'm sorry you are not loving your machine right away. I didn't love mine either at first. In fact, I wasn't even sure I liked it very much. It wasn't the machine's fault. I was actually kind of afraid of it and wasn't sure I was even loading the quilts correctly at first. Then I had tension issues, railroad tracks, birds nests, etc. and thought why did I ever want to quilt on a longarm? But finally I spent a little more time on the machine, got loads of help from this and another longarm forum, as well as from APQS experts (when I encountered mechanical issues mostly caused by me). A co
  5. You could do a continuous curve on the "arms" and then drop in to do a little swirl for the center of each twister, then continue with your continuous curve. I've done that on some of the smaller twisters and liked it a lot. I've also seen people put buttons or yoyos in the inside of each twister.
  6. I've been trying to "optimize" my studio, and would like to sell a few things that might help someone else: Donita Reeves "Favorite Gadgets and Tools for LongArm Quilting" (VHS) $10 Donita Reeves "Pantographs for Borders and All-Over Designs" (VHS) $10 Pam Clarke "Introduction to Design with Lines" (VHS) $10 Marcia Stevens "Creative Machine Quilting" (VHS) $15 Each of the items above are for sale plus shipping, or take all for $40 plus shipping. Thank you for looking. Becky (ketelbritz@q.com)
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