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  1. I am showing my machine to a potential buyer tomorrow and cannot locate my extra needles. The needle in there now is fine but with an inexperienced person using the machine, it may break. If so, can I use needles from myDSM? Thanks.
  2. I plan on watching it too or at least taping for later. There was a good movie on a couple days ago (also Lifetime) starring Lindsay Wagner, about a young man dealing with breast cancer in four women in his life. Interesting perspective from the male side (although males get it too). Scary too when you see it reaching out and grabbing each woman within a family.
  3. Does anyone here quilt for decorators? How are you charging and what do you offer? Limited patterns? Do you usually completely finish the spreads? How about quilting soft cornices maybe with a trapunto type effect. This seems like it would be a good market. Thanks, Linda Kate
  4. Anyone know if a warranty will pass on to a new owner? Thanks.
  5. I recently mentioned on another topic that I have just reassembled my machine and installed the new wheels. It just will not run right now. It seems to be pulling against me and the stitches are irregular, some a normal length, then jumping to an inch then skips, all the while pulling like crazy. I have tried it both with and without the stitch reg. on. Also, there are lots of pokies on the back. Please help! Linda Kate
  6. Just recently disassembled and moved my Millineum. Also put on new wheels when it was reassembled. I haven't actually tried to sew on it yet but when I move the head around it just seems rough. There's not the fluid motion it used to have. I've tried setting the cams on the head at several disserent numbers and also on the table. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Thanks, Linda Kate
  7. I have no problem with APQS and do appreciate that they are continually improving. As I stated before, I only wish when I bought my machine in Dec, that they had mentioned that within a couple months they would be improving the wheel system. Then I would have had the opportunity to delay delivery for a short time in favor of what all those who have tried the new wheels say is a vast improvement. I would have still purchased the machine but with a different delivery date. In reference to computers, I have in the past chosen to wait until a new system, speed or other upgrade is introduced be
  8. [i also got my machine in mid December and I definitely would have waited until the new wheels were out if I had been told about them. I do really like my machine but find it a bit stiff. I have no previous experience to go by so I thought this was normal. Perhaps not. I have only heard wonderful things about APQS when it comes to their customer service and that was the largest deciding factor for me in choosing their machine. But, I really feel this was not handled well and we should not have to pay more to upgrade on something this soon after purchase. We should have been given the opt
  9. I've seen 'new wheels' mentioned a lot recently. Does anyone know if the Millineums sold late last year had the new wheels? Are they really a lot better? How so? Thanks, Linda Kate
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