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  1. I just finished piecing this quilt. It is English Paper Pieced and will be the cover quilt for a new pattern for this quilt. I am looking for advice on how to quilt it. I want more than a pantograph and more than continuous lines, but am drawing a blank. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have a hand driven millie.
  2. I just finished piecing this quilt, a design of my own done in Electric Quilt. I’d like to do something custom in it, to highlight the diagonal lines of the design. But I’m stumped. Beyond continuous curves, which I’d rather not do, I don’t seem to be able to come up with anything. Does anyone out there have any ideas?
  3. Yes, I actually had the speed set right up to the maximum, and still nothing happened.
  4. All of the wicks are oiled up. Turning the fly wheel doesn’t make any difference.
  5. I have a ten year old Millennium. I’ve just replaced the mother and daughter circuit boards, following the instructions to the letter. When it came to the part about turning it on and letting her run for a while in order to check the needle up/down function, I did that. The power comes on, but she won’t run, neither in manual or automatic. All I get is a very low hum. Help..... I’m feeling sick over this.
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