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  1. Well... I tried the Bliss at Paducah- I gotta say, "it was very very smooth!!'. Dang!!! Another thing to add to my wish list!! :cool:
  2. Elly Prins has a Millie with CQ in The Netherlands ... in Zoetermeer, to be exact. You might contact Elly for her review of CQ. Elly is an absolutely wonderful person!!! Here is her website link with contact information: http://www.machinequilting.nl/ I do not think that Compuquilter is selling CQs in Europe anymore??? But I am not completely positive about that at all?? You might call S&D Stitches to make sure. I have many friends who own IQs, as well as CQs--- And they all love the system they own!!! LOL!!!
  3. Lowered again..... and edited earlier posts to reflect new price of $12,000
  4. Bumping this up to the top.... and lowering the price!! You are killing me!!!! New price for a quick sale is: $12,000
  5. Nora, I have never owned a PC Quilter, but I have installed many CompuQuilters for APQS owners... I shudder to think of all the PC Quilters I have seen thrown in boxes headed for the trash when arriving to do a set-up. I realize the PC Quilter is much less expensive in the beginning... but I have seen far too many people spend their hard-earned cash on it and not be able to use it--- which is what led them to APQS. Evidently, there is NO resale value for a used PC Quilter if you decide you want a more stable, strong, and reliable computerized system, and your initial investment is cash thrown to the wind. My advice would be to spend the extra money for a system designed by an established company with a dedicated tech department. Disclaimer***This is my personal opinion, and does not reflect the interest of any brand of computerized quilting system... Blah, Blah, Blah... P.S. - Hello Shere!!! Hope you are doing well!!!
  6. Hey Zeke, I'm still just hanging out at home... Mostly playing with the grandbabies, horses and quilting... Nothing too exciting- or productive for that matter. LOL!! How's life in gold rush country? I was thinking about you just last week while I was clearing up some of the trees that came down during the last ice storm!! I swear everytime the last piece is cut, another tree falls somewhere on my land! I hope you are doing well- I'll call ya soon!!
  7. Zeke is the absolute BEST longarm tech!!!!! He is a personal friend of mine who knows sooooo much about all longarms- almost all brands, matter of fact. If anyone has the opportunity to get to Jackson, CA, hire him to teach you a maintenance class. You won't regret it!!! He is amazing with quilting machines!
  8. Bobbi, Are you quilting a t-shirt quilt in the pic above? Or one that has used a fusible? Sometimes if there is a "rubber" design (some fabrics are not actually prints... but a "plastic-like adhesive design" that can be removed by scratching with your fingernail), or a fusible stabilizer, adhesive, etc.; this will cause your thread to grab and get stuck in the fabric- especially as the needle heats up during quilting... When the thread can't freely pass in and out of the fabric , it will also cause loops like this. I am just offerring another possible cause to consider in addition to Dawn's great advice..... Hope it helps!
  9. I also love Langa Lapu fabrics!!! They are AMAZING!!! They never bleed and the fabric is excellent quality. I have worked with many pieces of this fabric and have never had a single problem with color discharge, even when pieced with white and washed in the washing machine on hot. The wholecloth you saw was for one of my favorite customer's... She entered it into the Bootheel Quilt Show a few years back and won the 1st place ribbon for machine quilting!!! :PLOL!!! She got quite a kick out of that- saying that she did nothing except buy the Langa Lapu wholecloth from me and pay me to quilt it! LOL!!!! Pru (who owns Langa Lapu and does the dyeing) is an awesome person as well. I get a little crazy when I can see them in person though..... One year, I bought 13 Langa wholecloths at Houston and had to ship them home at the cost of $86!!!! YIKES!!!
  10. I am trying to clean out my quilting room and have listed some items on eBay. There are quilt tops, a Welsh Beauty pre-printed wholecloth, Langa Lapu sun-dyed batik wholecloths, Superior thread, Hartley micro drive, Shiva Paintstik sets, and etc. I will be listing a whole bunch more "quilty" items in the next few days as well. Here's the link for anyone who wants a bargain!! LOL!!
  11. Sadly, I need a quick sale, so I lowered the price again to $12,000. This Millennium is tweaked to perfection and I really hate to see it go. Feel free to come and test-drive if you live close to me. I am located in southeast Missouri, Cape Girardeau Country- 15 miles north of Cape Girardeau, right off Interstate 55. The price is very right and the machine is sweet running. Extra bobbin cases, needles, Hartley spool holder, Hartley cone holder, and misc supples such as pantos and thread will be included. Email me at: tinaleecollins@live.com for any other info you want. Have a GREAT day!!
  12. We also have a lot of venomous snakes here too... copperheads, rattlers, water moccasons... We have a lot of harmless snakes too, and those don't bother me. The first thing I look for is the head because the venomous snakes who live in my area have a larger triangular shaped head... though this is not true with coral snakes, mambas, cobras, adders, or sea snakes because they have fixed hollow fangs instead of the folding fangs of pit vipers. Probably way more snake info than you wanted to know... LOL!!! If the snake is not a threat to my family and animals, then I will just move it to the field and away from the house/yard. Sadly, the pit vipers meet an early death though.... :cool: