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  1. Thanks, everyone! You sure know how to make a girl feel good! This is not the wider board. I have a Liberty which has not as deep a quilting area as, say, a Millie.
  2. This week I tried my new giant template from CircleLord, the Egyptian Eye, on a practice quilt. As I reached the end of the quilt, for some reason I thought, "hmmm, I wonder how it would look with a bit of embellishment?". So I added some "ribbon candy" and I think it turned out great!!! When I do this again, I will probably do the freehand in the space surrounding the "pupil", as well. Thanks for a great new pattern, Michael!!
  3. There is a panto I have recently called Entangled....it's a spiderweb design. Might be a bit too dense maybe, but one day when I make this quilt, that is what I will quilt it with!
  4. Hi everyone.... I'm wondering if any of you are heading to Quilt Canada being held in St.Catharines, Ontario next month? It would be nice to meet up with some of you, maybe for dinner one evening? I am taking 2 days of longarm classes, one of them with Birgit from this forum! I am so looking forward to this experience, it will be first time for me to take part in something this big!
  5. Hmmm....maybe they are called swags....not sure!
  6. I could look on Pinterest! Is it for the same quilt? or...what did you put in the search bar?
  7. Hi Everyone! I haven't posted in a while but here I am, back to ask for some help!!! I am doing custom quilting on a quilt called Home Sweet Home, by Barb Adams/Alma Allen....I'm fairly certain on how I want to quilt it except for the applique scallops around the border! Any ideas would be most welcome! They are too big to leave unquilted. Thanks!
  8. Wow, you sure did miracles with that one! She will probably have a few tears when she sees the finished quilt....I would!
  9. Hi everyone! Happy New Year! Just wondering if anyone has attempted to make a quilt into a duvet cover? The mission is to please a couple where one likes to use a duvet in the winter and the other is a quilter. The first person likes the look of a quilt and wonders why not make a quilt that will act as a duvet cover, thus keeping both happy! I figure if the quilt is done as usual then sewn as a cover, the whole thing will be way to heavy....but if it isn't batted and quilted, one would lose the effect you want in a quilt. Hoping some of you have tried this and will share your experience/kno
  10. Over the years, there have been many ways that people on the forum have suggested dealing with this....very helpful! One thing is to charge a ``rush charge``....just think, if you have to work extra than usual to get this type of job done, think of what a plumber would do....probably charge you time and a half for the overtime, (altho I`ve never been able to bring myself to do this, lol). Another is to remember the saying - Just because you failed to plan ahead doesn`t constitute an emergency on my part! Something that helps me say `no`` is to remember that these events like Christmas, babi
  11. I am doing this quilt now as a BOM, as well! Saw it at a quilt show last year and couldn't get it out of my head....sooo beautiful! I am now a full-on Sue Garman fan. Have done Omigosh and will do her new one coming up, Afternoon Delight.....also doing a couple of other BOM;s of hers, I just can't resist!
  12. We are such creatures of habit, aren't we? but I'm sure we will all adapt before we know it!
  13. Love it! Although I am biased since this is the same as one of my all-time favourites!! lol
  14. Dell, if you send me your email address, maybe by u2u, I can send you the pics...can't seem to figure this out. I used to be able to post pictures. Now I just use a netbook with picasa and can't figure it out....but I do know that I can email them. What Linda shows looks really nice! In essence, mine was the same but then I lay a strip of background behind the edge and appliqued the edge down...thereby getting a straight edge. Clear as mud??? lol
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