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  1. This machine is still available. It has the standard stitch regulator, not glide.
  2. Sorry, just saw this. They are the same throat size. No channel lock on the Freedom, no thread cutter on this machine.
  3. I am located in Northeast PA. I own 2 machines, and 2017 is my year to simplify. This machine has been well maintained and runs excellently.
  4. I have a Hartley Fence and Myrna Ficken's Hartley Fence Workbook for sale. $250.00. US shipping included.
  5. Bringing this back to the top, Reduced price $100.00. Does anyone have this on their Christmas wish list? I have a set of micro drive handles which fit a Liberty. I upgraded to a Freedom, and just realized that they will not fit the bigger machine. . Amy Wood amywood @woodlanddesign.cc
  6. Irene, This is a big decision. But do get all of the options you want. Another alternative is to see if there are any trade in models available. That is how I started out and it worked well for me. I didn't go for all the options - specifically the stictch regulator and the one stitch - as they were just coming out when I purchased my first long arm. When I finally upgraded . . . well there is just no looking back. Amy
  7. Hi, This is my first time to respond to a topic, but..... When I felt I was running out of space in my sewing area, and was upgrading my long arm, I "negotiated" with my husband for a 2 bay garage addition. He got the first floor, and I got the second. This has worked out great for me. But you have to remember that you WILL fill whatever space you have. I think my stuff just expanded when it hit air and sunlight. Happy planning. Amy
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