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  1. ​​ Don't know how well you can see these pictures. this is what it comes with.
  2. Good price is $450.00 but it sounds like I'd be spending a lot more geting it up and running
  3. Thanks for all the input. I think I'll just wait until I have a little more knowledge before buying. I haven't received a call or email form APQS yet informing me that I have won the Lucy, so I guess I'll keep looking.
  4. If I end up buying the machine I would definitely be interested in your table and frame. No worries about shipping it to Canada. I have an address in Niagara Falls New York that I would have it shipped to. 10 minute drive to get it. How much would you be asking for it?
  5. I have an opportunity to buy an Ultimate II at a very good price. Doesn't come with a table or frame though so I'm wondering what would be suitable? Also I understand it's rather old so is it worth considering? Can any bells and whistles be added? I'm new to quilting and already know I don't want to be sending my quilts out to get done. Just don't want to invest al to until I see how it goes. Any help appreciated