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  1. Don't have any helpful stuff...but welcome back -I've thought about you often! Hope things are going well for you. Rita
  2. Deloa -I've been wondering (hoping) if you'll have any retreats at Camp Mowana, now that Quilting with Machines is over. Thanks! Rita
  3. Rita -Martelli came to your guild, too? I couldn't believe how much they sold at our guild...and how many freaking tables! Look great, but seriously, if I spent that much on a table, I'd be tempted to play doctor and spin people around, upside down, etc...my rotary cutter is still in pieces...their customer service stinks...they're supposed to vend at our next quilt show in 2013...I'm taking it back in pieces...the Good Rita...
  4. saying ditto to all the comments -omg -how truly great you all are! Rita
  5. congratulations! I LOVE the "snot-ball green" accent wall...one of my favorite colors! Best of luck to you all! Rita
  6. great job -it'll be something you both will never forget!
  7. Does anyone have any contact info? thanks -Rita
  8. I don't usually prewash...and no major problems...but if it's worrying you, throw in a couple of dye catchers for them to use...good luck! My lap robe from the Moda strips has held up great with no distortion. Rita
  9. hey --are you the same Annette I met at Camp Mowana? curious in Oho! Rita
  10. that's true, Linzi...I thought that really sucked!
  11. is in the May 2012 AQS magazine...along with several others! Enjoy! Rita
  12. LOVE the quilt -glad to know there's a pattern...love the shadows! Rita
  13. one of my favorite keepsakes is a baby blanket my husband's grandmother crocheted...totally blind...it's so wonky...but I truly love it and the thought behind it! Great job -will be greatly appreciated! Rita
  14. omg -this is the first time I've seen his work -it's totally amazing! AND he's in Ohio...wow! I'm in Alliance, where are you? I asked him for info re workshops, etc...here's hoping! thanks so much...loved your piece, too...and the quilting at the top of you quilt is fun -LOVE IT! Rita
  15. wow! beautifully done...need more of a hint...who is MB?
  16. I've done it several times...but wasn't always successful running thru the printer...so I use Spoonflower now...great job! good luck
  17. keeping you in my thoughts...my dad lost his hair during chemo...it came back dark, full and curly!
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