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  1. We just relocated and I’m setting up my 2018 Millie. (Should have taken pictures) I can’t remember where to secure the grounding wire! I think one end had been screwed on the right back side beneath the handle, but what about the other end? I’ve already put the machine on the table and am afraid I’m going to have to take it back off. I also can’t figure out how to keep the power cord and Cat-5 cables secured and out of the way. Any help is appreciated!
  2. Hello everyone! I think that I have isolated the point of resistance.... The quilt seems to be quite tight against the leveler bar, which is causing resistance as the batting pulls across the quilt backing on the front. If I lift the quilt and batting - creating slack - then the quilt will advance onto the pickup bar. Still more difficult than it had been before the leader grips were installed, but it does advance. With that info, it seems I should raise the leveler bar to resolve the issue. I just added the ruler base to my machine though and am wondering if that is going to cause issues if
  3. Thanks for the input everyone! Just to clarify, are you suggesting that I raise the Pick Up bar or the bar for the Quilt Top? There is about 3 1/2 inches between the pick up bar and the leveler bar, but about 2 1/2 between the quilt top and the backing (belly) bars. It would seem that if this is the issue, it would be better to raise the quilt top bar. Any thoughts? Also, if I delay in responding, it's only because I'm dealing with some minor chaos in my sewing room. We had a pipe burst over the weekend and I'm currently working around 4 fans and 1 dehumidifier - all industrial sized! Ack - s
  4. Thanks for the replies. Connie, it seems that the pulling is worse right at the beginning, but it continues throughout the process. My machine is a 2008 APQS Millenium on a 12 foot table. It FEELS like when I turn the pick up roller to advance the quilt that the quilt backing and top are rolled in the opposite direction, so that they are having a tug of war - there is that much resistance. That is not the case though. I even unrolled the entire backing planning to float the whole thing, and it still wouldn't advance. I think part of the problem was that I had not rolled the grips past the pick
  5. I recently added the Leader Grips to my 2008 Millenium. Since then, I have had difficulty advancing the quilt even though I haven't changed anything about how I loaded my quilts/backing. It happens when I secure the quilt top or if I float the quilt. Has anyone else had this issue? Any ideas on what I can do to resolve the issue? Thanks!
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