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  1. I have an '05 Milli and my foot pedal went too. Thank Heavens it was still under warrenty and they sent me a new one, cause there is no way I would have laid out that much money for a foot pedal.
  2. My Husband and I have a Personal Chef business and we use the pressure cooker quite a bit as it saves loads of time. My favorite cook book for the pressure cooker is The Pressured Cook by Lorna Sass. Our favorite recipe that my clients love is Risotto with Buttermut Squash and Sage. Actually the pressure cooker is great for making any kind of Risotto. I'm sure once you start using it, you will really love it.
  3. I already has a subscription when I bought my Milli. However, I noticed with the following issue that the subscription date had been extended a year.
  4. I have starting adding trapunto to quilts, with the clients permission, and now I am being requested for more and more. I love trapunto but it's alot of work. Pricing had been hit and miss, I usually just wing it, but I really need some guideline help in pricing out Trapunto in patchwork quilts. If anyone can help me with this I would really appreciate it.
  5. SBL

    Quilting charge

    Im sorry, I wrote the previous post after a long day....I have Myrna Ficken's new book..and its great...sorry for the typo.
  6. SBL

    Quilting charge

    I have the Hartley fence, but havn't used it much for customer quilts. I now have a client that wants her quilt done with all circles. I don't see this as a problem especially since I have Myra Ficken's new book. My question is charging. What category do you put that in....Custom? I want to get a good price but don't want to overcharge and scare the client away. Any Thoughts would be appreciated
  7. I Love the circle design.....Beautiful Job Linda.
  8. Hey Diane. When you record on Tevo....when it is finished recording...there is a command "save to tape" If you have a VCR attached to the same tv, put in an empty tape and push save to tape and put the start recording button on your VCR. on your VCR it may even have you set the length of the show, so you can set that. alot of set ups are different so play around a little but it isn't too hard.
  9. I bought Karen McTavish's book on whitework quilts when I bought my Millie....alot of good stuff and very inspirational.
  10. Its called Star Spin Quilt, made by Oregon Treasures. If you have a problem finding it....let me know I have a copy of it that I probably won't get to for along time. Ill send it to you
  11. HI Tracey I have a business number that does not correspond to a home address so that isn't a problem for me. HOWEVER, I have a few friends that are personal chefs with the same concerns as you... so they just put their email address on the signs. Because everybody has a computer or has someone in the family with one...this has not slowed down response. Just a thought , but I just had a woman drop off a king who saw my car sign. Very Effective.
  12. I recently put car signs on my MINI. They aren't expensive, around $80-$100 depending on design and color. I have had great feed back. in the last 2 weeks alone I have had 4 emails alone saying.....Hey I saw your cute car at the Park/Acme/Dentists office, Can I drop off a quilt? Also I have had people come up in different parking lots and ask for card. I park my car in strategic locations....near Joann's, quilt shops and any place else I think a quilter might be lurking. So far so good.
  13. Opps....Donna...I didn't get castors, I got the sliders (DUH). They work great and my machine on carpet and level. OH...I have had my machine a week as I said...and IM still terrified..LOL... I suppose I will get used to it and start having fun. Sue
  14. Hi Donna, I just got my Milliennium last week and I bought regular furniture castors at Home Depot, and it pushes around fine. If you want something with wheels, I was told that they also carry a low profile furniture mover with small wheels. Either way, it's not a big problem to move this around Sue
  15. Hey Brigit that looks great!!!...I hope I do half as well with my first one. My Millenium will be here in one week...can't wait.