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  1. Oh my goodness! I am laughing so hard right now! I am absolutely NOT mechanically inclined. I wish I were... my husband and I balance each other out. I really like my old Maytag repair man! Lol! My Millie has just required tweaking and a few upgrades (new wheels yet required), plus I managed to fill the fly wheel solid with thread on one of my first practice sessions (I thought I had killed her :-) ). But I can admit that I couldn't have tackled any of them on my own with my personal mechanical deficiencies, even though these machines are exceptionally user friendly and reliable and
  2. That doesn't sound like fun, Nigel. I wouldn't have a clue in how to tighten up the hook! So many possibilities on what can go wrong. It helps to know how to eliminate them and troubleshoot... that is why APQS service staff and my dear husband are just awesome! Hoping I don't run into that issue you had or I will have to bug my hubby again to help me figure it out. He didn't have any idea that he would be learning how to fix long arm quilting machines in this lifetime... he has been having a crash course this past year! Lol! I hinted at him starting an APQS dealership as a possible retirement
  3. A quick thought on this old thread: A few months ago I ordered needles as specified by my Millie manual. The online store mailed some out to me and I didn't check the lable on what they had sent. Came time to use one and I discovered my stitches skipping in one direction but not the other. Millie normally gives me a beautiful stitch so I spent a long time tryng to figure out what was happening. I was a newbie with my machine so i thought it was something i was doing wrong. My husband saw my frustration and asked what had I changed since the last time I sewed. Of course it was the needle.
  4. I love this quilt! What a wonderful idea! You are so very talented.
  5. I have been having the same issue, so I stopped using the leader grip on my take up bar and have been pinning my backing to that leader, and using the grips on the others. Thanks to you KMK for putting the question out there I now know how to use them on all the leaders (thanks, Terry! You are a wealth of information!). It never occurred to me that the leveller bar was causing the issue, or how to work around it. So much to learn.... Back to the quilting to give the leader grips a second chance, and hopefully ditching the pins!
  6. Thanks, Cagey! Your comments are very kind and most appreciated! Now that I know I can pull off good feathers I will use a higher contrast thread next time. When I did this one in the photos it was only my second time trying feathers (and first time doing hooked feathers!) And I was on a time crunch for my daughters birthday. I was pretty insecure about how they would turn out and didnt want to have to unpick them if they werent nice. Nothing like shooting for the moon as soon as possible and under pressure. I was very relieved by the result and wouldn't hesitate to do them again because
  7. It isn't as easy as I thought it would be to get pictures that showed the feathers! The quilting is all free motion and straight lines done with a ruler. None of the quilts have been squared up with steam. The back of the flying geese quilt has been pieced and also has my daughter's name appliqued on the back. My sons' unruly triangle quilt has a one-piece backing. These are the quilts I made for my youngest two children and are the 3rd and fourth quilts I have done on my Millie.
  8. I am loving reading all the personal experiences and encouragement you all give each other... what a wonderful group of people you are! Mary Beth, I bought a 2001 Millie last year. I love her to bits, she sews a great stitch but I know there is a lot of room for upgrades and improvements. I feel grateful to have her at all, she has revolutionized my quilting life... but I still enter the APQS competition as a daily routine. One just never knows when your ship will come in! Winning that machine would be absolutely amazing! You can't win it unless you are in it, so we will keep entering!
  9. Hi Sharon, Are any of these items still for sale? Please send me a pm if they are? Thanks!
  10. Wow! Thank you so very much for the advice you have all so graciously shared! I will be reading and rereading it for a while to make certain I absorb it all properly. It all looks like sound advice ( I appreciate your frankness and financial wisdom and I really like the ideas on how to get my work out there and the word out there ). I have a lot on hand to get started with for custom work but I can definitely see that it won't make a reasonable return on my time so i am looking to buy some Circle Lord and R&S boards for edge to edge work... looks like i wont need as many to start with
  11. Hi there, I am based in Canada and after a few years of quilting on a Grace quilting setup and now a Millenium i am starting to feel confident enough to consider taking in customer's quilts for long arm quilting. I was wanting to find out how many of the forum members are from Canada and hoping they might be interested in connecting with me to share their Canadian longarm quilting experiences. I live in a fairly under-populated rural area in the Prairies and to date have been doing mostly custom designs on my own quilts while I get up to speed on handling my new-to-me Millie. I am ve
  12. I am looking to buy a package deal on used Circle Lord boards and templates. I have a Millenium on standard wheels. If you are upgrading to a computerized system and would like to recoup some of your investment in Circle Lord equipment and groovy boards than I would love to make contact with you. I am also iso used quilting rulers, pantographs and quilting dvds such as those by Kimmy Brunner, Rene Haddadin, etc for a reasonable price. Please send me a pm through this forum. Thank you so much!
  13. Hi there, I am extremely interested in your machine. Would you be able to give me a call on (306)4835297? Ask forJackie. Thanks.