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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with all you folks in Florida... may God protect you and your families, your friends, your pets and homes.
  2. Ooooooh! Super exciting! You are in for an adventure! Take HeidiP's advice seriously... chores just can't compete with time on a quilting machine. And "hi" from Saskatchewan, Canada! Welcome to the APQS family.
  3. I love it! Very festive and sophisticated at the same time.
  4. Great question! And an awesome tutorial, Ann. Most appreciated.
  5. You are welcome, Michelle. Cashiers checks and money orders are definitely not the route I would recommend as it will probably be close to a month since the bank transaction took place until i finally receive the items, and frustrating for the Seller as she still doesn't have the funds cleared by her bank as yet. It is a lot of money for both of us... a machine is way more. I haven't found any down side to making or accepting Paypal transactions yet, but be sure to use the Paypal Protection option. It only costs a little more but it is cheap insurance for both of you. Best of luck and enjoy your new machine!
  6. Thanks, Kathy! I just found this post and followed the link to your blog and your info and photos are awesome! I do a lot of photography and have wonderful equipment but photographing quilts just wasn't something I do... and that needs to change! I will start implementing your tips because you gave really good advice.
  7. Hi Linda, Do you still sell these rulers? I looked on your website and I don't see them mentioned there...it is late so I might not be looking too carefully! Thanks! -Jackie
  8. Hi Jessica, I would be interested in your other items you mentioned you had for sale, would you mind sending me a pm with a list and an asking price? Thanks in advance. -Jackie
  9. Hi Marti, I emailed you about two weeks ago and have just sent you a pm tonight, I hope you have received my messages! Take care and thanks for getting hold of me.
  10. You could take a look on the Handi Quilter forum (HQ macines for sale) on the internet if you are sure that is the machine you want... there are some super nice used APQS machines on this forum too for a good price. There may be shippers willing to move a machine to ND for you to collect.
  11. Hi again! I have been so fortunate in finding many of the Circlelord items I was looking for. These are the items I am still hoping to buy and would appreciate a pm from anyone reading this who might be willing to sell theirs to me. I am offering 50% of the new prices: King giant templates: Pebbles; Wandering Design templates Mini gingko; Cogs; Squarz; Mini clams Push button Thanks so much!
  12. You are very welcome, Deb. I figure we are all here to help and learn from each other so maybe this will help others buy and sell with each other. I certainly appreciate being able to buy my equipment and tools through the forum (and have had the chance to talk with and write to some wonderful people as a result) and I want to ensure the transactions can go smoothly and fairly for everyone involved. This experience has been a major learning curve for me so I figured there might be others as inexperienced as myself, so why have everyone reinvent the wheel? Of course things change constantly so I hope others will keep us abreast of their experiences and any changes to the tools of doing business. I have spent a lot if time reading past posts on the forum on a large variety of topics and I have found it to be a treasure trove of help and information and inspiration. So thank you to you all. I am learning so much from you and I am very appreciative!
  13. Your quilting is just out of this world! So, so, soooooo stunning!
  14. You have made a gorgeous tribute to your friend. Very beautiful!
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