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  1. T Row Studio

    Power supply

    I have a frame above my Millie that lights could be mounted to. I have a plug in on that so my cord is not on the floor. If I were you I would have them put a plug in both locations so that you will have options. Good Luck
  2. T Row Studio

    sunflower quilt

    thank you Vickie
  3. T Row Studio

    sunflower quilt

    Thank you I loved working on this project and playing with the quilting
  4. T Row Studio

    Butterfly Dreams

    Be careful it is Addictive...but Fun Fun Fun
  5. T Row Studio

    sunflower quilt

    yes Debbie it is raw edge onto collaged pieces these pieces are glued wit a water soluble white glue.
  6. This is a Collage piece I designed and then quilted on one of the Big Dream panels. these panels are a lot of fun to quilt
  7. T Row Studio

    sunflower quilt

    I can see it on my end Kathy
  8. I have been doing a ton of collaging this is my latest collage quilt it is a vase of Sunflowers i did custom quilting on this, I Just Love Sun Flowers I have included front and back images. Thanks for looking and enjoy your Holiday week end. .
  9. T Row Studio

    Quilts for my Sisters

    just wonderful Kathy
  10. T Row Studio

    Quilts for my Sisters

    I love your quilting Kathy
  11. I was very fortunate to be able to pay on a Baby Quilt . I wanted to work on grid designs the fabric in the light area was a white on white 1" grid so What better place to play. then the customer brought me another one so here are both of them together the same but different also.
  12. T Row Studio

    Farmer's Wife Quilt

    I love the controlled color you chose. I also love that border treatment it is perfect for this quilt. Well Done.