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  1. Hi Marcia I am sure you have finished this project I have not been on the forum for quilt a while Yes I did mark the lines before I put it on the frame then quilted the entire back ground Then added the chenille to the lines I drew on the quilt I think the lines were about 4" in length. I would love to see your project
  2. I have a frame above my Millie that lights could be mounted to. I have a plug in on that so my cord is not on the floor. If I were you I would have them put a plug in both locations so that you will have options. Good Luck
  3. Thank you I loved working on this project and playing with the quilting
  4. yes Debbie it is raw edge onto collaged pieces these pieces are glued wit a water soluble white glue.
  5. This is a Collage piece I designed and then quilted on one of the Big Dream panels. these panels are a lot of fun to quilt
  6. I have been doing a ton of collaging this is my latest collage quilt it is a vase of Sunflowers i did custom quilting on this, I Just Love Sun Flowers I have included front and back images. Thanks for looking and enjoy your Holiday week end. .
  7. I was very fortunate to be able to pay on a Baby Quilt . I wanted to work on grid designs the fabric in the light area was a white on white 1" grid so What better place to play. then the customer brought me another one so here are both of them together the same but different also.