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  1. T Row Studio

    Farmer's Wife Quilt

    I love the controlled color you chose. I also love that border treatment it is perfect for this quilt. Well Done.
  2. T Row Studio

    Two wallhangings

    Libby I always love seeing your pieces
  3. T Row Studio

    Moroccan Vibe-ish

    This is amazing Kathy I did one of these this year but mine did not have the extra sides you nailed this Thanks for posting this just amazing
  4. T Row Studio

    Tip of the Day

    I take a photo of the quilt top and convert it to Black and white then I put in a page protector and draw on the page projector with a dry earase pen or if I need fine detail work I will draw on the photo copy with frixion pens with a fine point . If I do not like it I can iron it off
  5. Amazing Jeanne well deserved for sure
  6. T Row Studio

    Carolina Lily work in progress

    wonderful Teresa
  7. Thank you for sharing this. The group here are amazing I am proud to be part of it. Thank-you everybody who took part in this project. It turned out beautiful. Great job putting it together Betsy. Display the ribbon proudly.
  8. To Quilt it or Not that is the question....Quilting
  9. T Row Studio

    Customer Christmas Quilt

    This is lovely.... simple and beautiful
  10. T Row Studio

    Grandmother's Flower Garden

    I love how you captured and help creat a beautiful Grandmothers flower garden Bernice. Just beautiful Well Done.
  11. T Row Studio

    Volunteer service work

    great job Eric The Vererans will appreciate you efforts
  12. You must be an amazing teacher and she is a star student well done both of you.
  13. your quilt is beautiful and are happy colors. I love it
  14. T Row Studio

    Happy Haloween

    Thanks Sue you have Good eye. I love spider webs and the spider was a good add in during the quilting stage.