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  1. Terry, it is exquisite ! Your piecing and quilting are awesome!!! Great Job.
  2. A lot of quilters use a saddle stool. You can do a search on this forum for a lot of information on them and also search the internet or for them. There are some in most every price range. I definitely recommend one that is adjustable in height. I don't use mine often, but love it for doing detail work.
  3. See Dawn Cavanaugh's post above............I believe that is what you are experiencing - the #8 Screw post.
  4. Debbie, is this for a Millie? If so, I might know someone.
  5. I love string quilts, too. I gave my scrap box of strips to another quilter because it was driving me nuts! She has made quite a number of quilts. Very fun!
  6. I am sorry for the loss of your dear friend as well. Hugs and prayers for you and her family.
  7. Check out this video by Linda V Taylor She shows quilting alot of fullness on an antique double wedding ring. Episode 39 quilting out fullness.
  8. What a wonderful space! I love it and congratulations on your Idaho move. Idaho is a wonderful state; Lord willing; I would like to retire there!
  9. Maribeth, Welcome. We have had the topic of which computer system is best on this forum a number of times. Try doing a search and I bet you come up with loads of information.
  10. Yes, Thinsulate is an insulation you could purchase for DIY or it is used in a lot of ready to wear and shoes/boots. You can purchase it online; just google it.
  11. Great Job!!! It's adorable and I love how you quilted it.