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  1. Maribeth, Welcome. We have had the topic of which computer system is best on this forum a number of times. Try doing a search and I bet you come up with loads of information.
  2. LisaC


    Yes, Thinsulate is an insulation you could purchase for DIY or it is used in a lot of ready to wear and shoes/boots. You can purchase it online; just google it.
  3. Great Job!!! It's adorable and I love how you quilted it.
  4. LisaC


    I love the Micro Quilter thread by Superior for ditching; it is almost invisible and the basic colors are all you need. I have been told the Titanium needles can cause problems in the APQS machines because titanium is a harder metal than the parts in the bobbin area are made of. If you break a needle and a piece of it gets caught it can score the metal and then catch thread. I used the titanium needles for a while but then reverted back to the regular Gross Beckert needles. I bet if you do a search on this forum for the titanium needles you will find more information.
  5. LisaC

    Rail Fence

    It looks great. Try taking photos of your fabrics lined up and then change the photo to black and white. It will show you how fabrics will blend or contrast. An old tool called a Ruby Beholder works the same. Its a deep red piece of plastic to look through; they were used alot when the watercolor quilts books came out in the 90's.The pics also help find stray blocks that might be turned wrong or in the case of a sampler, too many like colors together.
  6. LisaC


    It is beautiful, great job piecing and quilting.
  7. I do all the time! I have no problems at all.
  8. LisaC

    semi custom

    Yes, Vicki; please do tell.........
  9. I have an entire roll of QD Wool and haven't experienced this problem; I do wash my quilts in washer and toss them in the dryer, but do not dry them fully. I use a mixture of fabrics; but none of mine were totally of the darker, rich colors like yours. I am so sorry you experienced this; and I appreciate you sharing. I will certainly do some testing on my scraps of batting to avoid this on a quilt. I would think QD would put some sort of warning somewhere in all their information about battings.
  10. You chose wisely! A 10' table would seriously "cramp" my quilts; my 12' table does at times! I would rather have cramped space to walk in than cramped space to quilt upon.
  11. I have never wound a bobbin, thin as it is; it would probably be about double the amount of 50wt. I would love to know results if anyone has wound their own!
  12. LisaC

    Base extender drag

    Is your drag specific toward the leveler bar or does it drag all over? I found mine had more drag toward the leveler bar and raised it a bit to have more clearance and all was well.
  13. I love this thread and originally purchased it for stitch in the ditch; I have used it on fine fabrics, like silk when I don't want the thread to be intense. For bobbins, I have used SuperBobs and also the Classic magnetic bobbins from Hab&Dash (Filtec). It stitches beautifully with both.
  14. LisaC

    What is your style?

    I use both zippers and red snappers. On my original leaders is a set of zippers. I use these for long term ptrojects I may want to take on and off. I have created another set of leaders about 8" wide with a zipper on one long side and my snappers on the other for quick projects. If you query old posts you will find a lot of info and pics. If you would like more info I can add pics to this post; I don't have time this morning. Congratulations on your new Lenni!
  15. Your quilt is gorgeous!!!! I love your border treatment. What fun to share in your hobby with your daughter. My Mom and I did, too, she passed several years ago. Now I quilt with my daughters-in law and I have been teaching the grandkids to sew. Good memories. Thank you for taking me back.