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  1. Kathy, Check out Myrna Ficken's video on How to Load a quilt. She talks about pinning distances. She uses straight pins, but the same applies to any type of pinning. She has great tips. CLICK ON THE BLUE BOX THAT SAYS Watch on Vimeo. https://vimeo.com/208875744
  2. You will receive the allen wrench with your purchase. The feet are changeable, you can buy a set or individually, I love mine.
  3. My friend loves her spoon foot. I am going to try hers, it appears to be an awesome addition. Send APQS a message through their support page or give them a call.
  4. Sew Tweet, a pattern by Chitter Chatter Designs. I hand appliqued and embroidered the blocks in 2014; along with completing the top. Finally this year, I free motion quilted it on my Mille. This was a very fun project began by me and Lisa E. in 2014. It was my first attempt at embroidery; I was so blessed my Mother used to do all my embroidery, but she has since passed away. The blue birds remind of Cinderella birdies!!
  5. I agree with Sharon. Love it!!! The quilting really is perfect on such a cute quilt.
  6. Terry, it is exquisite ! Your piecing and quilting are awesome!!! Great Job.
  7. A lot of quilters use a saddle stool. You can do a search on this forum for a lot of information on them and also search the internet or Amazon.com for them. There are some in most every price range. I definitely recommend one that is adjustable in height. I don't use mine often, but love it for doing detail work.
  8. See Dawn Cavanaugh's post above............I believe that is what you are experiencing - the #8 Screw post.
  9. Debbie, is this for a Millie? If so, I might know someone.
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