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  1. Vicki, I made some freezer paper templates and used Shiva Paint Sticks to stencil the Hawaiian motifs. I'm not very good at applique and don't have the time to do it. I had worked up a program /workshop for our guild using this technique.
  2. Fantastic! I too love the way you pieced the tshirts into the squares without the typical sashed look!
  3. Beautiful! I'm guessing this is raw edge applique or "collaging". Your sunflower petals look soft and not stiff. I like that.
  4. It's been a while since I posted. Here are some customer quilts I had the privilege to work on. The Hawaiian quilt is one that I made for a guild program I came up with "Faux Hawaiian Quilts". Unfortunately I put a couple in twice and can't figure out how to delete from the post. If you go to my flickr account you can see a few more pics of customer quilts. I had removed most of my photos several months ago when I'd read that flickr had been taken over by someone else and we wouldn't "Own" our photos anymore. Well, I just uploaded to flickr a few of what I've quilted recently. Hope you enjoy the eye candy. Thankfully I'm a better quilter than photographer. this is a memory quilt I made for a friend from some of her mother's clothing https://www.flickr.com/photos/foreverdesigning/30522708758/in/dateposted-public/
  5. Is the intellistitch just an add on stitch regulator or is this a computer guided machine. A friend of mine is wanting to buy a longarm when she retires, but this might be too good of a deal to pass up.
  6. Well, that's a shame! I've used Hobb's wool on several quilts I've made and dried them in the dryer on medium/high heat. I probably used one dryer sheet on a full size quilt. The quilt was dark brown and dark red Moda prints and I didn't experience any bearding. Since this was the exception it would have been nice of them to at least refund the cost of the batting, if not the cost of the fabric for the quilt too.
  7. http://www.newsaboutav.com/

    1. cvbfdgr54



  8. I think those feather wreaths would have been difficult to see had they been stitched in matching thread. Great job on both!
  9. This happened recently in a town close to where I live. The sister of the deceased quilter went to several quilt guild meetings and set things up. She had it organized into tubs based on color, or theme, and fatquarters. I think some of the fabric was $4 or 5/yard and was nice quality quilt shop fabric. That was one of our guild's "programs", because everyone loves shopping for bargains. Lin...so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Hopefully things will work out well for you.
  10. I agree that the quality of the photo isn't great, but I can still see your quilting. An astute quilt judge and anyone who makes quilts for that matter, should be able to tell that the quilt had been washed. That's one of the pitfalls of quilting for others. Once the quilt leaves your possession, you have no control over how it is cared for. I think your quilting still looks great though.