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  1. mamu

    Oops. Ripping out.

    There is a way called 'skinning' which is like skinning and animal hide. What you do is pull up the top away from the batting, till you see stitches and the you run a blade across those stitches clipping them, continue to do this till all stitches are clipped. Then remove thread bits. You do have to be very careful that you do not cut your fabric top! that is a problem when doing this method. I only resort to doing this when I have very large areas or even a whole quilt that I need to pull all threads out of. I also flip the quilt over and pull the backing away from the batting while blading the threads...this way I don't stretch the quilt top and I am not as freaked if I clip the fabric as it can be repaired easily.
  2. I think it might be the fabric choice and not your machine, also batting can make this happen. Looks pretty normal to me... I really don't see a problem.
  3. I have an ULT11, sometimes my thread would leave the thread I got some fishing rod guides (the circle things that you thread the fish line through on the rod) and glued them in several places on my machine to help keep the thread in proper line. I no longer have my thread jump out of the guides. Another thought.. check your needle shaft...if there is any play in the shaft then it needs to be replaced. Also, what Jim said...make sure your timing isn't off on your machine.
  4. mamu

    Ornament Webs by Jessica Schick

    No, this is machine quilted. Perhaps longarm digital computer stitched
  5. CathyP I have an ULT11 with stitch regulator that was put on after market by IntelliStitch. However, I don't think they offer this option anymore unless you purchase their IQ computer system.
  6. I believe this machine has been taken.
  7. Joyce, how does a person contact you? email? phone?
  8. What would you sell just the machine for?
  9. mamu

    APQS "George" for sale!

    I'm not seeing the table with this machine. Are you not including the table?
  10. mamu

    Ultimate 2

    I have an ULT2 how you load is the backing goes on the back bar,(closest to the machine) then take the backing to the front under the top bar to the very front bar and attach it there. Make sure your backing is wrong side up. Lay your batting on top of the backing. Baste a straight line at the top of the batting securing it to the backing and giving you a line to butt up the quilt top to. Take your quilt top, right side up, and attach it to the front top bar. Roll the quilt top until the other end of the quilt top is where you can use the basted line on your batting/backing as a guide to pin your quilt top edge to. Then baste the quilt top edge down. You now have your backing, batting and top on your frame and ready for quilting. Hope this helps
  11. I, personally, don’t quilt over appliqué. This means that there is some starts and stops to deal with. If you are wanting to use your quilt path, then you might want to choose a more open design that wouldn’t distract from the appliqué
  12. When I had sent in my 'special' quilts for custom work, I was always asked what my budget was. Then they would work accordingly. If my budget was too low then, they would tell me that this quilt needs a $600 or $900 custom job and that would let me know what I was looking at for cost. So, ask them what they are thinking they want to pay for custom on this quilt. Their expectations could be quite low dollar wise and that will open the conversation up for you to let them know that this quilt is going to be in the ..... range for light custom or this .... range for heavy custom
  13. What a beautiful quilt! Love