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  1. Where in Idaho? Can you change out the feet and does it have a laser light?
  2. Your quilts are lovely. I haven't seen a colorway like this one before.. absolutely STUNNING!!
  3. It looks like the last posting on their FB page was 11/2018 If I were you I would start proceedings to get your money back
  4. This normally a clue that the light is going out. However, you can take the bulb out rock it back and forth a couple times and then re insert it. I have done this a few times and it always works for me until I can get a replacement bulb
  5. what were you thinking for the whole lot?
  6. I also notice that occasionally I will see where there is some shifting even with basting both left/right sides with each advancement. When quilting right to left consistently..the stitches and pull of the machine going over the quilt, will make the top shift ever so slightly. To avoid this, quilt from both directions... right to left next row left to right. Some panto patterns will make this difficult to do both directions. I haven't found another way to do panto's to avoid the shifting.
  7. Where are you located and what is the asking price?
  8. What year is this machine? when was it last serviced? One owner? does the custom wooden bars come with it? by the way, interesting lighting system...does it add more weight to the machine head?
  9. sometimes if you spritz with water and rub with cloth they will close up.. be careful not to rub too much as you don't want to add rub marks to the quilt.
  10. There is a way called 'skinning' which is like skinning and animal hide. What you do is pull up the top away from the batting, till you see stitches and the you run a blade across those stitches clipping them, continue to do this till all stitches are clipped. Then remove thread bits. You do have to be very careful that you do not cut your fabric top! that is a problem when doing this method. I only resort to doing this when I have very large areas or even a whole quilt that I need to pull all threads out of. I also flip the quilt over and pull the backing away from the batting while blading the threads...this way I don't stretch the quilt top and I am not as freaked if I clip the fabric as it can be repaired easily.
  11. I think it might be the fabric choice and not your machine, also batting can make this happen. Looks pretty normal to me... I really don't see a problem.