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  1. I suggest you go to topperquilttool.com and send a message and see if the one for the millie, which is the model of longarm I have, also fits the Lenni.  There may be some part you would have to buy for attaching it that's different from the millie.

  2. Interested. Want it if it works on 2011 Lenni.
  3. Patty123, I am new to longarm, and have shopped around a bit. I bought the extended ruler base from APQS (I couldn't find any used ones), and watch eBay for used rulers. I got some circles and an HQ versatool from eBay. The circles were a steal, about 30% of new. Batting from Joanne's usually at half price with a coupon. I bought thread and needles from Superior, via the internet. Fortunately, the person I bought my machine from had been to a show and had a brochure showing all the colors. If you are really concerned about matching thread, you can purchase cards that show samples of the colors. Eventually when I learn what batting I like best, I will probably buy a roll, but not until I try Hobbs and Quilters Dream. I also will probably try Kingsmen Quilting Supply, since they are on the east coast.
  4. I am totally loving my new to me Lenni. My free motion is way better than my pantos, probably because I had the practice on the midarm. Had to work through a few issues...just stupid things like the cord getting hung up. (Moral of story...don't mount your cord above your machine thinking that it will make it easier to sweep under it.). Thanks to all for the advice and the help. Practice quilt (panto) below. It is only fit for my son's dog, Moxie.
  5. My Lenni is a 2011, and while it has LED lights, there is no switch on them for blacklight. I managed to rig up a blacklight strip, but it only works well with white (not offwhite) thread. Is this normal or blacklight, r was it because I was using a ultraviolet led? Is there an upgrade for my Lenni, and if so, is it worth it to have the black light option? Sue in PA
  6. I use the red snappers but I have trouble with my hands so I put them on differently. Instead of sewing a channel on my leaders I put a sleeve of muslin on them. The muslin is thinner, making it easier to get the snappers snapped. Sue in PA
  7. I am looking at a 2011 Lenni that has not been used for about a year. It has been oiled. Anything I should watch for before I fire it up, other than checking the oil and letting it warm up slowly?
  8. Very interested. When could I see it? I am in PA and emailed.
  9. First of all thanks to all who share on this forum. I am learning a lot! i currently have a midarm with a nine inch throat and I am getting frustrated with the lack of space. I have limited funds, so I have to wait a bit before upgrading. Is the practice in free motion I am getting on my small setup going to help me on a larger setup, or am I wasting my time building skills that won't transfer?
  10. Have you sold this machine yet, and what kind of stitch regulator does it have?
  11. Mike, where are you located and does it have a stitch regulator? How long is the frame? Sue
  12. please email me...I am in Harrisburg and could come for it if we can come up with a price. Suepursel@comcast.net
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