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  1. WOW Terry, this one really jumps out at you. The colors are really bright and bold. Love how you quilting this. The front and back both are really beautiful. Great job.
  2. Terry, this is another quilt showing your wonderful work. I love what you did with this one.. I love how your practice quilting turns out. Lovely, really lovely. I have never seen anything you have quilted that didn't turn out beautiful. Thanks for the eye candy.
  3. Great job. I love what you did with this quilt. It does look like a lot of work, so as Gail said, Lucky friend.
  4. WOW! This one is really beautiful, love how you quilted it. Wonderful job.
  5. Beautiful quilting and beautiful quilt. Colors are outstanding. Great job.
  6. Does anyone know the name of this quilt pattern? My friend made this years ago for her sister, and cannot remember the name of the pattern. She is wanting to know, because her sister is putting this in some local quilt show where she lives. Thanks so much in advance.
  7. Absolutely beautiful, both the quilt and the quilting.
  8. Really a cutie. Love how it turned out. I also love the panto.
  9. Love the quilt Dell, and love the cause. You both did an awesome job.
  10. Beautiful quilt, and the quilting is perfect.
  11. Congratulations on your Lenni. It wont be long before you will be feeling like he is part of you. Job well done on your first quilts. Keep on going.
  12. Its going to be beautiful. Love what you are doing with your scraps.
  13. Well, I'm not a pro by any means, but I never baste a quilt, unless its something that is out of kilter, or I am needing to for something special. I just start quilting after getting it set up on my frame. I'm sure some of the pros will let you know what they do, but sounds like it would be more trouble than its worth.