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  1. tootsquilts


    Sharon, the quilt is a beauty, your quilting is beautiful. Love the background too.
  2. tootsquilts


    NO No No, its Cathy that really, really, really wants it.
  3. Your very welcome Vicki, and I thank you.
  4. Hey girl, sent you a message, Thanks
  5. tootsquilts

    sunflower quilt

    Oh my Terry, I am not surprised at how beautiful this sunflower quilt is, since you had something to do with it. Just absolutely amazing. Great Job. Love, love the back too, just WOW!
  6. Very, very nice. Love what you have been doing with all of them. Beautiful.
  7. tootsquilts

    Grace Start Right clips

    Handi Quilter also has them here:
  8. tootsquilts

    New Art Quilt

    Oh my Teresa, What a beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting. You really made it shine with your quilting. Something I have never done is all the detail work you did on this quilt, even before you put it on the frame. Amazing work and it paid off. Its outstanding. I'm sure you will get a ribbon, it well deserves it. Good job.
  9. tootsquilts

    Quilts for my Sisters

    Love the quilt and the quilting is outstanding. Just absolutely beautiful.
  10. tootsquilts

    Mommy and me Baby Quilts

    Wow Terry, what a great job you did with these two quilts. I love them both. Your quilting is absolutely right on with both of them. Fantastic job as always.
  11. tootsquilts

    Disappearing Stitches

    I love what you did on this quilt. Is this a pantograph or free hand stitching? Regardless of how you done this quilt, it turned out super. I can see your stitches just fine.
  12. tootsquilts

    Art Quilt by Mike

    Oh, its a beauty, Dell. Love the quilt and the quilting. Amazing quilt.
  13. The quilt is really cute, and the lettering is outstanding. Love how you did it.
  14. tootsquilts

    Jack's Story Town

    Love this quilt. Looks like you can run and play through the farm. So cute.
  15. tootsquilts

    Memory Lane

    Libby, this one is a beauty. Love how you quilted it. I can't do anything perfect, good choise on your quilting.