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  1. How beautiful Linda, but I have never seen one of the quilts you quilted that wasn't. Great job.
  2. This is how I solved my problem with my machine/ ruler base running into my side clamps. Just take a look at the pictures. Its very simple using a dowel stick. Good luck.
  3. This is one I just finished for a friend. She pieced the quilt and I quilted it. I thought it turned out really well. I used Quilter's Dream Batting, and light gray thread on top with white on bottom.
  4. Thanks Casey, had a little help on that one square that has the open area around it, but otherwise think it will look ok. I will post pictures later, and thanks again.
  5. Hi fellow quilters. I am needing help with this Irish Star. I made this one, so there is not a problem with how I do this. I made three of these and two of them I used a panto on. I am wanting to custom this one. I have attached a picture of one with the Panto on it, and also pictures of the one I am wanting to custom. I have drawn a complete blank on what to do. As you can see, there are three different blocks in this quilt, so it should not be so confusing, but is. Thanks for any help you can give.
  6. Thanks Valerie for that tip. Never thought of it that way.
  7. I have done the same as Debbie, that would be the only thing I would suggest to do. The last couple of time I have ordered a roll of Dream Puff batting, I have had a few more problems with it. I am not sure I will order any more. Good Luck
  8. Hi Bonnie, I use Dream Puff most of the time. I just place it where the fullness is. I have placed it the length of the border when I had a big problem, but not often. I pin it down also when I have a very long place to work out. Really, its not hard to do at all. Good luck.
  9. Actuality Bonnie, that was part of the reason for the extra batting, to fill up the fullness, but by the time I get my quilting on the border, I cannot really tell its there. Does that make since. I know its confusing, but for me it really works well.
  10. I have also done this several times. I have not used the tape, just laid it in there. Works very well for me. Good luck.
  11. This quilt is absolutely adorable. Love it. So sorry to hear about your mom.
  12. Love how you quilted this really cute quilt. Its perfect. Great job.
  13. Terry, as usual you really nailed this one. I love it. It is absolutely stunning. Don't know what to name it, but this came to mind when I seen it. " Heart Of A Butterfly." I don't know where that came from, just popped into my head.
  14. The water spritzing and rub is what works best for me. Also just lightly rub with your fingernail and see how that works.
  15. The UNquilting is what I use mine for also. Works great.
  16. What a beauty. I have never seen one like this, and certainty not quilted like you quilted this one. Absolutely a beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting.
  17. Terry I absolutely love it. Your quilting is out of this world. You have such wonderful ideas. Congratulations with your entry. You should have placed, but what an honor.
  18. My goodness Terry, I can tell you for sure that my panel is not near as beautiful as yours. I will not be able to post mine until I return in July for my trip. I really love the way you quilted this one. I have 2 more to do, and might take another look at yours, (if you don't mind) for inspiration :). Great job. I love the butterfly.
  19. Terry, that is so beautiful. I did one of the "Dream Bid" panels. Turned out ok, guess I need to post that.
  20. WOW Terry, this one really jumps out at you. The colors are really bright and bold. Love how you quilting this. The front and back both are really beautiful. Great job.
  21. Terry, this is another quilt showing your wonderful work. I love what you did with this one.. I love how your practice quilting turns out. Lovely, really lovely. I have never seen anything you have quilted that didn't turn out beautiful. Thanks for the eye candy.
  22. Great job. I love what you did with this quilt. It does look like a lot of work, so as Gail said, Lucky friend.
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