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  1. Has anyone ever had problems quilting on polyester athletic T-Shirt fabric, I keep getting skipped stitches?
  2. Fellow Quilters When you lay down a 10" pantograph on your table, which way do you face the label? For instance, if you are standing at the back of your machine and table do you put the panto label on the right or left side? I am sure if the panto has a definite directional design and that affects the quilt design then that would tell you what to do. But, on the non-directional panto that I am currently quilting with, my label is on the right, which means that I have a few inches of blank paper against the back of my table. So, I was wondering is there a purpose for the blank part of the panto? I am so concerned about using a pantograph correctly that I would appreciate the names of resources of where I can find any pantograph tips or techniques?. Thanks
  3. Does anyone have any suggestions because, I have a Lenni with an L bobbin, which runs out of thread quickly. I prefer to wind my own bobbins because i can match my top and bottom threads and to save money. But I don't even make two rows of a panto before i run out of thread. I have gone to inserting a new bobbin with each new panto row and end up with a lot of partial filled bobbins. I have even talked to my dealer about changing to an M bobbin. ????????
  4. I was working on an 89" long quilt with cotton pellon batting using a 10" panograph on my Lenni. About 3/4 of the way thru quilting the top the rolled up quilt became thick enough on the pickup roller that the back of the sewing head would hit the rolled up quilt. This, of course, would knock my quilting off. I tried to advance my quilt to compensate for this, but it got my spacing off and if I moved my laser light that only made it worse. And yes I did have my quilt under the leveler bar. Any ideas how to avoid this problem in the future??????