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  1. Thanks to everyone who inquired about my light bar. I was able to sell it locally. Shipping would have been complicated and very expensive. THanks again!
  2. This was from a 12 foot table. I don't know if they are adjustible, but can ask. I will check on shipping costs and let you know. Joan
  3. From a 12 foot table. Essentially like new. Still wrapped from the move. White color. This came with an essentially unused Millie. I cannot use it because of the location of my machine. A great buy if you need better lighting! Located in Waco, Tx (home of Fixer Upper:) Central Texas. The screws were lost in the move, but available at Lowes or Home Depot - (2)5/16" and ( 5)1/2". Retails for $795.
  4. I sent you a direct message. Pleas contact me about your machine. Thanks -