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  1. Newbie, I listed the pantos with sizes and prices above. I hope this helps. Stacallen, I found the wandering daisies panto you were interested in. Quiltsnbags
  2. Here is the list of pantos with sizes and prices. I tried to list the designer so that you can go to websites to see them, if you wish. List of Pantos For Sale: From Urban Elementz: Agave Set 12” 10.00 Border 3” Taro Set 12”
  3. From Urban Elementz: Pageboy Agave Set Taro Set Double Bubble Fishtail Palm Leapin Lizards Jasmine Set Animal Crackers Leap Frog Wild blue Yonder Yippee Ki Yay Mimosa (may be sold) Holly Ribbon Wisteria-Grande Curlz (may be sold) Monkey Business Fossil Antique Lace Tapestry Willow Leaf Studio Carpet of Leaves Amie Blast off Whirligig Wandering Daisies Counting Sheep Snazzy Snowflake Clematis Plumage Fly Away Chrissy Feathered Leaf Autumn Oaks Chevron Feather Holly Bells Papillion Rhapsody Drip From Urban Elementz: Pageboy Agave Set Taro Set Double
  4. $10.00 for the new ones, $7.50 for the used. None are tattered. There are 10 new ones and 43 that have been used once or twice. $350 for the lot. Most are Urban Elementz or Willow Leaf Studio. I have to re-purchase.
  5. I have recently upgraded to digital. I have 50 or more paper pantos, some are NIP and several sizes, some are sets. I would sell for a modest price. Please contact me through the blog, if interested. Quiltsnbags, Arkansas