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  1. You always do such nice work? I like the inspiration your quilts provide.
  2. SPECTACULAR!!! Omg... All my favorite colors superbly presented! I get my machine this coming week and can't wait to do my first quilt. What an inspiration!!
  3. Nice! I love the inspiration from all the posts. I get my machine soon!! You guys are so inspiring. I'm constantly doodling flowing patterns. .
  4. Have you looked up a local dealer for quilting machines?... A longarm dealer would help you determine value, understand that value, & may be able to assist in selling locally as well. ..just another resource suggestion in conjunction with this forum.
  5. Pictures would be wonderful. There are some great experts on this forum that, I'm sure, would be able to help you figure out what you have and assist in your need to sell. I'm not one, but I see Zeke's name a lot on informational posts. Have you googled a local APQS dealer to get info on what you have?I'm just trying to throw ideas out there. Your finding this site is a great beginning. I'm new as well here, but looking for my first machine. This site is by far the best I've seen & has more to offer. Look forward to your pics!
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